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Points:3/10 They are moving upward but 12k points has you a long way from being anywhere.
BP:2/10 Admit it. You're just getting BP from quests, aren't you.
Alliance:7/10 They are a top 10 alliance. At least there is that.
Position: 3/10 I had to look and even see where O57 was.
Name: 2/10 First name last initial? Even if it isn't, that's what it looks like. Thats as original as a government form.

I think position should've been better, surrounded by alliance members and dominating enemies in our area.


Herpus Derpus

Points:10/10 He's in the top 15% of the top alliance
BP: 10/10 He's conquering his weight in cities every ___ days... oh wait, you aren't allowed to see that
Alliance:10/10 #1 alliance with the best methods
Position: 10/10 Well positioned for both offense and defense as well as front line.
Name: 10/10 'Herpus Derpus' gives us hours of play through the long days usurping and conquering



Points: 5/10 Not very high, I think it's fine in a morale world.

BP : 3/10 Not really high, especially compared with the other battle-worn players of the same alliance.

Alliance: 10/10 #1 alliance in the world, not just point wise, but also BP. I think it is also #1 in conquest.

Position: 6/10 Cities are in relatively safe locations, surrounded by allies. That may explain the relatively low BP. How you rank this kind of location really depends on what perspective you are looking at it. You can certainly enjoy a relatively casual play style with this arrangement. Or it may be this arrangement is the result of the play style. There is nothing wrong with picking back line cities if that's what suits you. As long as you take good care of them.

Name: 5/10 Rather plain I have to say, to the point a number has to be added to create. But also isn't negative or offensive.
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Points: 8/10; decent but it's isn't exactly a widely contested ocean...so would expect it to be high to be honest.
BP: 9/10 pretty decent but again, rim ocean so you should have decent BP with all those easy targets.
Alliance: 1/10 Your alliance profile page is just...wow.
Position: 5/10 Surrounded by what I assume are allies and alliance members, so still not great.
Name: 5/10 I just don't understand it?



Points: 10/10; 17th, you picked up 100k for 1-2 weeks
BP: 10/10 Well your 8th, so there is not much to say.
Alliance: 10/10 Really good alliance.
Position: 9/10 Nice.
Name: 6/10 Don't understand it, but looks kool.

King of Elites


Points: 8.5/10 Better than mine, close to DF's average
BP: 9/10 Also better than mine though I am a great deal closer to you in ABP
Alliance: 9/10 Good alliance
Position: 9/10 Good place for feeding on isolated IO cities
Name: 0/0 Not relevant



ok I'll start again...


Points: 7/10 - not bad, but I'm sure you could do better...
BP: 5/10 - only 13K ABP more than me in last few days, again you could do much better ...I''m sure
Alliance: 3/10 thanks to too many merges - quantity over quality... (No1 in world ranking - No3 in WW ranking)
Position: 9/10 ...you wont get bored..
Name: 10/10 I like it...

45/50 this extra 10 is for having really good fun lately :)
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Points: 5/10 - you are slacking, like me
BP: 10/10 - rank in points 249, rank in attack bp 50 - (I'd give you 20 out of 10 if I could)
Alliance: 7/10 - as we all know Triad is a flash in the pan bunch of gold users
Position: 9/10 - tons of red targets
Name: 10/10 - Only the Shadow knows...

41/50 just because of your alliance (sigh)