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I just lost 200 slingers in an attack which earned me 250 BP

J.n.c 1993


Points: Rank 320 - 8370 points. 6/10
BP: Rank 506 in ABP, rank 1028 in DBP. 4/10.
Alliance: Impervious B*stards, great alliance. 8/10
Position: In 44/45, somewhat close to your alliance but also to Repo. Can be dangerous, 5/10
Name: Sounds... somewhat terrifying lol. 7/10

30/50. Not so bad, need to improve your ABP though.



Points: ranked 61 so ill give you an 8/10

BP: Very nice BPA/BPD raitio your just outside of the core so with 6k BPA ill go with another 8/10..

Alliance: The Elite. again ;) nice member numbers, grouped pretty well on the map.. id like to see the overall BPA a bit higher.. however as most of you still only have one city ill go a bit easier on that.. it will be interesting to see how you manage the rednecks as they look to expand.. and WYLI in the nearer future.. Ill go with a 7/10

Rep: Iv got to give some love to an old eta player.. i remember when you started on the rim there... I never really had any contact as we were a long way from one another.. in the Mu early days we (NaT) went through your alliance pretty quick but from memory your werent that active there.. Ill throw you another 8/10 here..

32/40 pretty good

its alot harder than it use to be to do these with all the new premium features... you can gold whore yourself to decent numbers... or you can do it the old way and actually work your of for it :)

Im drunkenbarman ingame... not long out of BP haha :)



Points: 2826 points 5/10
BP: 1143 BP 5/10
Alliance: very good for a rim alliance 7/10
Position: 5/10
Name: i haven't heard of such a glorious name before 10/10

32/50 (considering you are on the rim the scores are probably timesd by 1.5

C4RL05 (kinda owe him that)

Points: 4195 points. 6/10
BP: nice 8/10
Alliance: at least you have a good average 3/10
Position: close to his alliance (forever alone) 6/10
Name: 7/10


J.n.c 1993

Wheredevil, I'll do you again ;) (not in that way!)

Points: Rank 485 - 10,401 points, slacking a little. 5/10
BP: rank 94 in ABP. Much better than your points rank 7/10
Alliance: Impervious Bustards, great alliance, kings of 44. 9/10
Position: Still the same pretty much in 44/45. 6/10
Name: No more terrifying than last time I rated ya. 7/10

34/50. Not to bad.


Points: Rank 19- 57,351 points, impressive 10/10
BP: rank 18 in ABP. also very impressive 10/10
Alliance: The Elite - ranked 15th average joe- 5/10
Position: ocean 53/54 border (just above redneck) safe out of the way 6/10
Name: reminds me of a sports footy club. 5/10

36/50. test score would be 72 %


Points: Ranking 301 at 17,083 - 6/10
BP: Ranked 115 in ABP at 8355, much better than points ranking - 7.5/10
Alliance: Impervious Bustards - 11/10 (No bias there ;) )
Position: Not bad for fighting Toxic, but just a little out of the main 44 action 6/10
Name: Different and suitably aggressive 8/10




Points: 8/10 -96 from top 100
BP: 8/10- Lovely ABP and more DBP than me :)
Alliance: 9/10- IB..Aggressive is always good
Position: 7/10-I don't understand this one, is it how his cities are set up or depending how close to the fight the player is? i'll do city set up
Name: 9/10-It's Bearalicious

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Points: 9/10 - 29 overall in the world, nice
BP: 9/10 - love your BPA :) i would like to see some BPD though.. then again im not sure how many attacks you guys are seeing
Alliance: 10/10 you guys are doing very well
Position: 8/10 - your in the core.. usually i would like to see my cities closer together but you are in a big boy alliance so as long as you keep working together your city layout is good.
Name: 7/10 im assuming that you played under a different name previously with only 2 posts, i havnt heard of you but im a long way from you and have been away from the game for a while.. i kind of did a rep for in game based on other stats... name is a silly one to do..

total:43/50 possibly a little rough... before i broke it down i was thinking it would be higher.. 45/50

in game im drunkenbarman :)



Points: 334, with 18070 points - 7/10
BP: 73 on fighters, which is pretty good considering your size - 8/10
Alliance: The Anti-Virus lol. Members: 1, but can't say you're doing terribly on your own - 5/10
Position: O64, and Ocean full of Fully Equipped members. Not a great place to be alone, but again you seem to be doing well - 5/10
Name: Terrible! Worst name ever 7.8/10 -IGN... Well you can't have a drunken barman. If he passes out, who will serve me? But I must say, a drunken barman must have some interesting things to tell being drunk, sooo... - 7/10

Total: 32. Would like to rate higher, but being alone isn't easy. Keep fighting my friend. You seem to be good at it :)


drunkenbarman is a Grepolegend.

Points: ∞/10 points. He has so many points for style and charisma that he broke the scale. His light ships are decorated with the bodies of his enemies and the gods in his cities worship him, not the other way around.
BP: ∞/10. He is precisely as competent in attacking and defending as is required to ensure the rest of us don't quit the game due to general feelings of inadequacy.
Alliance: ∞/10. In a solo alliance which is a good thing. If there were more of him then his enemies would have no chance at all. This proves how fair minded he is, in addition to all his other virtues as a player.
Position: ∞/10. He plays on Bhrytos, the same as me. This is the perfect position.
Name: ∞/10. Barmen bring drinks and drunk people are fun to be around.

Infinity x 5 out of 50. We are not worthy.


ben lightbulb head. Sorry I missed you before.
Points: 7/10 points. 32 261 or ranked 110. Not too shabby but could be better considering the player started early August.
BP: 6/10. Consistently good APB, poor DBP.
Alliance: 8/10. I like the name but not a group I know a lot about. They have really low defence BP so who knows how they will perform if a larger alliance declares war on them? Time will tell.
Position: 7/10. Out in ocean 65 which probably explains the low DBP.
Name: 2/10. You didn't really put any effort into it, did you?

30 out of 50.

Don't do me, someone else do Ben again.


haha thanks DES :) i do what i can. seriously considering making a pnp with all these failed CS attempts... you know who you are haha. but in all seriousness i am having a good fight with a handfull of the 220 members that are in the fully equipped 3 way

J.n.c 1993

Ben lightbulb head;

Points: 36,388, rank 126, not bad. 7/10
BP: More attacking obviously, rank 216 altogether. 6/10
Alliance: Winter Wolves, out in the rim, seem to be doing alright. 6/10
Position: Safe on the rim. 7/10
Name: Sounds like a total genius name lol! 4/10

Total 29/50.


J.N.C 93.

Points: 86k, 9.5/10, very good, top 15th player, must be very active hehe :D
BP: top 6th attacker, yet top 334 defender, overall very decent BP 9.5/10
Alliance: The Elite, seems like a decent tight group, 8/10 for rimming other bigger alliances lol.
Position: Surrounded by many prey, must be delicious :D 8/10
Name: Cool abbreviations (which I assume is your name, but shouldn't have added the birth year, would've been cooler) lol. 7/10

Total 42/50, which is very good :D



Points: 3rd with over 120k points 10/10
BP: 4th with a total of 80k BP 10/10
Alliance: Repossession Agents, best in the world and have a lot of potential 10/10
Position: A bit everywhere in O55, where Repo is he is, also loads of prey around 8/10
Name: I dont know why but i like it, 8/10

Total: 46/50, nearly the perfect player



Points: at 343rd place with 27218 points i'd give you a 6/10 my friend.
BP: at 109th place with 28571 points I'd give you a 8/10 :)
Alliance: Impervious Bustards, good alliance ranked number 3 with many good player 10/10 (not because i'm in the alliance either.)
Position: 80% in 044 and 20% in 045 so I'm going to give you a 7/10 :D
Name: wheredevil... I have no clue what that means... but it sounds cool so i'm going to give you 8/10

Total: 39/50, Awesome result!