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Points: 306th with 31,098 points 6/10
BP:8,424 BP, you look like a simmer, get attacking or defending 5/10
Alliance: One of the best alliances in the world 10/10
Position: all cities in 44, not bad, just not close to the core 8/10
Name: IonWarrior + Z ? works okay 6.5/10

Total: good 35.5/50


Points: 790th with 10,746 points 4/10
BP: see above 5/10
Alliance: True fear is doing okay, i have played with them before and they can be amazing so 8/10
Position: all in 35, where your alliance is 8/10
Name: not very original 4/10

Total: keep working 29/50




Points: 790th with 10,746 points 4/10
BP: see above 5/10
Alliance: True fear is doing okay, i have played with them before and they can be amazing so 8/10
Position: all in 35, where your alliance is 8/10
Name: not very original 4/10

Total: keep working 29/50
My points will be a little better soon, should hit 14k in the next few hours when the city im taking hits RR and my tower finishes. :)

I disagree with my BP though, im ranked 521st with 8387 BP, compared to my points that's a lot. Also, its just 40 less BP than the other guy you rated and he has 30k points



Points: 6/10 - 55k.. you are in the middle of the core and you only have 8 cities. i would expect more
BP: 7/10 - 30k total. Same as above really.. semi decent amount of BPA, not much BPD so that suggests that you have not picked a fight with anyone decent.
Alliance: 6/10 - judging by what im hearing in the forum you guys are having some troubles with leadership... if you start fighting the rednecks or Repo I cant see you winning that fight
Position: 8/10 - In the middle of the core, where i like to be :) you do have a couple cities a fair old way away from the others, although they are in alliance territory
Name/Rep: 7/10 - never heard of you before this world. You post a lot, i dont always agree whit what you are saying but lots of green so some people do :)

total: 34/50

drunkenbarman in game



Points: 8/10 . 42k Points In Ocean 35 , Seems Decent For Me
BP : 7/10 . Your BP Seems Like Where It Should Be For The Amount Of Cities And The Amount Of Points You Have. It Also Seems Like You have Been Doing A Fair Amount Of Defending As Well As Attacking , Meaning You Can Work Well Both Ways .
Alliance : 6/10 . I believe your alliance is pretty good , just the fact when the server grows mroe and main alliances come out , i don't see your alliance doing that great (my opinion).
Position: 6/10 . I believe right now , where you are you are NOT near any opposition, in my opinion that isn't any fun , just attacking small alliances, and no major war.
Name/Rep : 8.5/10 never heard Of you , but you seem friendly enough !

Total : 34.5 / 50

I'm oswinnorbert in game.

Floki Chenz


Points: 17.5K points and 5 cities......nothing awesome, but it is early going yet. 5/10
BP: 8K, as above, but in time this could change for you. 5/10
Alliance: Any alliance with JNC in it is always going to be decent enough, stuck in 53 is not ideal, but you guys will perhaps advance south. 8/10

Position: OC 53 not ideal, but not aware of any major wars The Elite have going on, could be wrong. 6/10
Name/Rep: Never had any dealings with you, but you seem like a nice individual. 7/10

Total: 31/50

~ Flo


Floki Chenz

Points: 62 K points and 12 cities, definitely not a simmers, he can grow quickly, i will give him 8/10

BP: Very good Ratio, mostly on Attacks, and outside the core, so for this one i will give 8/10..

Alliance: My own alliance. wont talk much about it, but to be fair i will give 7/10

Name/Rep: never stop to impressed me, i trust the leadership and will stay that way, i will give extra for this 10/10

Total : 33/40

Xoncia2711 in game



Points: 128k 16 cities. Not simming anyway and not in the core 9/10
bp: 105k Pretty good on the attack front not much coming at you though 9/10

Alliance: Dont know much on that side of the ocean. 7/10 to be nice
name/rep: 7/10 dont know your rep.

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J.n.c 1993


Points: 104k, rank 74. Pretty good 8/10
BP: Not exactly a great attacker or the best defender, 6/10
Alliance: BRB, who doesn't like these guys? 8/10
Name/rep: Stay24 sounds like something you say to someone you're obsessed with, please stay 24/7 :p. 5/10

27/40. Not bad.


J.N.C 93

Points: 45th is good 9/10
BP: 24th is also good 10/10
Alliance: TE is also good 7/10
Name/rep: j.n.c 1993 is okay 6/10

this is good 32/40



points: 7/10 - going pretty well ranked 141 with 111k. not bad progress but could be better
BP: 7/10 - doing ok, you picked it up a bit after my last eval on you so props for that. i would still like to see more though
Alliance: 8/10 - I dont know much about you guys but you look ok from the outside
name/rep - 7/10 - you posted alot a while back, not so much any more. id like to see the newspaper come back, dont expect daily.. that was never going to last ;)

total. 29/40 - not bad

im drunkenbarman ingame


OK, you all need a laugh

rate me.

Points: X/10
BP: X/10
Alliance: X/10
Position: X/10
Name: X/10



Points: 1/10 1 city 3673
Bp: 3/10 not bad for 1 city 11,5k
Alliance: 0/10 none
Name: 3/10
Total: 7/40

Cause you skipped him

Points: 9/10 rank 30 213k very nice
BP; 9/10 fighter rank 23 123kbp /very good abp, good dbp
Alliance: 9/10
Name: 10/10 Love the name
Total : 37/40 :)


Tryna keep This Thread More Active ... So i'll rate anyone who asks :p


Points: 8.5/10 ( 180k Points And Ranked 60th In Server , Pretty Good !! )
BP: 8/10 ( 127th In ABP But DBP Wow 17th , Hardcore defender much ! )
Alliance: 7/10 ( Decent Alliance )
Name: 6/10 ( Like the sparrowhawk bit , and 2013 was 2 years ago :p )
Total : 29.5/40


Points 5/10 Core player has had plenty of time
BP 3/10 Very poor at combat
Alliance 5/10 Don't know much about them. They don't appear to have attacked or been attacked. No real Rep
Name 7/10 Original

Total 20/40