Rate The Top 13 Alliances


Well I do not know if this exists.But I would like to what players think about the top 13 alliances.;)
Rate the alliances on:
average points per player&cities

1:Mad Tea Party
3:War Machine
4:Warriors of Epsilon
5:Dushan The Mighty
6:Border Marauders
7:Titans of Phoenix
8:-Black Watch-
9:Pirate Nation
10:The Grand Zodiacs
11:Death Before Dishonor
12:No Name
If you like,you can say how long you think they will last.:pro:

This can help you guys on your thoughts.It shows the stats of the alliances

This one will show you their bps and ranking.
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1: Mad Tea Party: Dont really know them had a huge merge
2: D.N.- beasts all of us war with a lot of alliances but its been cooling down a lot
3: War Machine heard there pact lovers..
4: Warriors of Epsilon almost as big of beasts are D.N :p lots of wars and are holding on strong a good alliance
5: Dushan The Mighty I think there still at war with WoE must be pretty good.. I check the stats every once and a while and there taking cities from WoE maybe just inactives who knows
6: Border Marauders - NOOBS just began a war with D.N never really heard of them I'm no in 45/36 so don't know
7: Titans of Phoenix- don't know
8:-Black Watch- don't know
9: Pirate Nation- pretty good players patu loves writing poems too :) ask him for one
10: The Grand Zodiacs- never really had any dealings although there pacted with D.N
11: Death Before Dishonor - they suck in every noob in 46 it seems.. I don't like the way they operate. I like Giggle though :)
12: No Name - a couple good players.. D.N is at war with them in 46.. I think we're winning too :)
13: NOTHING- Never heard of them


1. Mad Tea Party: War fronts in O43 and a conflict with Dushan, strong willed leaders and many skilled players make for a formidable alliance

2. D.N.: Wars in the south western quadrant of Sigma, jordn would know more than me but personally my most respected alliance

3. War Machine: Pact lovers and might I add just about the biggest back stabber in Sigma due to the double-faced nature of certain leaders, there are some good players though

4. Warriors of Epsilon: Arguably the most disliked alliance in Sigma. Apart from D.N. and MTP, warring with all neighbouring alliances, I think we're doing alright

5. Dushan the Mighty: Dushan the (mighty turtle), a few players don't have lives and are on 24/7, but together with WM they're still struggling to seriously damage WoE with over 1000 cities against 70 WoE cities in O54

6. Border Marauders: players spread around everywhere, and since they're fighting D.N., they won't last long

7. Titans of Phoenix: tries to join in on the fight against WoE but are too far and too insignificant to make a difference

8. -Black Watch-: closest allies of MTP, not sure who they're fighting, presumably the same enemies as MTP

9. Pirate Nation: D.N. would know more about this but looks alright, rumour has it a lot of their players are on VM

10. The Grand Zodiacs: no clue at all, so what jordn said

11. Death Before Dishonour: no idea as well, but their SES vs DBD thread seems pretty filled with activity, would love to see a PnP with more stats

12. No Name: A few players from rank 1 alliance in Epsilon, I heard they're pretty skilled, otherwise no dealings with them

13. NOTHING: the highest ranked MRA in Sigma, only reason they're here is because WoE isn't concentrating on them


1. Mad Tea Party: Killer members - some fighters, some simmer some turtles but ALL essential. + Best diplomacy in the game - you could go as far to call their diplomat "one who is of The Enlightened few.

2. D.N.: Better they called themselves D.N as personally I thought their original name sounded a bit too rude. I'm sensitive like that. Never known them to lose a war and they're quite open and upfront which is great.

3. War Machine: One of the few alliances that could be great but due to a collective weak leadership (that needs to spend an eternity to decide anything - like seriously - I would not be surprised if they didn't hold Three-stage vote just to decide their banner). If they developed strong leadership - and I hope they do because they have the players then they would soar with the right friends.

4. Warriors of Epsilon: Eurgh.....this alliance......will they ever die? 1000 cities VS 70 ermm guess not! Damn, people have their work cut out starting on players from Epsilon - I hear rumours that the players that came from Epsilon are the best in all worlds............personally I hope this alliance disbands - that way maybe Mad Tea Party can win the world :)

5. Dushan the Mighty:Hmmmm an alliance that has an academy.....nice. They are an alliance of a friendly disposition, so friendly infact that they are friends with every alliance they share their ocean with. How nice is that? Some players would think that restrict their growth - but they have their eyes set on 70 cities and will spend the rest of the time in sigma to get them. Go get em' boys

6. Border Marauders: They used to be an alliance of capable and interesting players that had a strong foothold. However, after not wanting to share islands, greed and bad mergers they have fallen from grace somewhat. That and the fact that they are turning into super turtles will hinder their progress somewhat - with their players (multi city leaders included) resorting to founding cities to increase their ever so "expansive" territory.

7. Titans of Phoenix: An alliance that screams for strong, direct and keen leadership. Should not be having the trouble it is having and could be doing far better if they work on having better friends. However - they are genuinely nice to deal with and hope they do well in the ocean they have carved out. Great sparring alliance that wont quit or buckle

8. -Black Watch-: Some say more of sister alliance of Mad Tea Party other call them slaves. In reality they are neither. They are an independent alliance that chooses to work with Mad Tea Party. Very capable leadership, who say what they want and say it how they want. They will be here for along time to come.

9. Pirate Nation: An alliance that do their own thing in their own time. Will happily slug it out with anyone but need to refocus on their pacts and re-evaluate them. Are doing okay and as they are small are fairly close and unlikely to vanish.

10. The Grand Zodiacs: They are doing well considering the members - if they focussed more it would be more beneficial for their expansion.

11. Death Before Dishonour: Relatively strong alliance, but another alliance that is marred by too many simmer. If they lost a few members they could make short work of their enemies.

12. No Name: Not great - and to be brutally honest - they are lucky that there are no strong opponents where they are. Not even the Epsilon boys could save them. In an effort to be mysterious they have gone a touch too far and will more than likely slip into anonymity instead.

13. NOTHING: The new Open Source Government - maybe if they pushed on their political view they would too reveal that they believe in daily voting for all. Will be around till the end of Sigma.


since when has border marauders been at war with DN - i can't find a single city taken by either side - is that the new type of war


you'll have to ask D.N. about that, it's not an official war, more of an ocean clean up for D.N. in O45.

I'll take back my comment, but depending on how you guys react, whether to give the cities in oceans that don't belong to you or to put up a fight, there could potentially be more skirmishes from WoE and D.N. against some scattered BM cities
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we just started it yesterday but with some pacts we can't go into certain oceans so I don't know if the war is going to go anywhere