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Please read the information below before making a post.
Before Making A Post...
Before you make a post here you need to make sure that your question hasn't already been solved.
Please go to the answered questions section and use the search tool to see if anything related to your question has been asked. If your topic has not been addressed and solved previously, you can now move on to making a post. Do NOT post if your question falls into the frequently asked questions category (listed below).

Post Format & Location
If you are posting a question, use the Question prefix. Please make sure you are posting it in this section.

If you are posting a discussion thread, use the Discussion prefix. Please make sure you are posting it in the gameplay discussions section and NOT in the main section.

The Guides prefix should not be used anywhere in these sections. This is only used in the player guides section.

The Answered prefix is only to be used by IcedDragon or myself showing that a question is answered.

Please do not make posts in the answered questions section.

Wiki Guide prefix is not to be used in this section.

Tool Prefix is not to be used in this section.

Script Prefix is not to be used in this section

Frequently Asked Questions
Do not make a post if your question is about the following:

Account Questions
•What is an account?
•How do I create an account?
•How much does it cost?
•Can I change my password?
•Can I recover my password?
•How can I delete my account?
•Can I restart on a world?
•Can I play on the same internet connection an another player?

Word Questions
•When do new worlds come out?
•What do these settings mean?
•How long does beginners protection last?
•Do worlds ever end?

Resource Questions
•How do I get resources?
•Why can't I store anymore resources?
•What's a farming village?
•How can I get resources from a farming village?
•I farmed a farming village and it revolted.
•How does mood go back up?
•I attacked someone, but received no resources?

Building Questions
•How do I build buildings?
•Why can't I build a particular building?
•What buildings are there?
•What are the special buildings?
•What happens when you cancel a building that is in the building queue?

Troop Questions
•How do I build troops?
•Why can't I build any more troops?
•Why can't I build this particular unit?
•How do I attack another players polis?
•When I Attacked Someone, Why Did I Get A Question Mark For Their Troops?
•Can I cancel an attack?
•How do I support another players polis?
•Can I support/attack another player not on the same island as me?
•Can I withdraw support?
•What is militia and how can I enable it?

Research Questions
•How do I research something?
•What can I research?
•What are research points?
•Why can't I research a technology?
•Is it possible to reset a research?

Espionage Questions
•How does espionage work?
•What do you need to spy on someone?
•How do you spy on a player?

Naval Questions
•How do I build ships?
•Why can't I build any more ships?
•Why can't I send land troops with my navy?
•Why didn't I kill my enemy's transport boats in a attack?

Trade Questions
•Why can't I send resources to another city?

God/Temple Questions
•Why can't I build mythical units?
•How do I choose a god to worship?

Conquest Questions
•What happens to the person who had the city before he was conquered?
•What happens if you send two colony ships?
•What happens if your troops were not in the city when the colony ship lands?

Revolt Questions
•Can I Have An Ally Start The Revolt For Me?
•Can there just be one revolt at a time?
•Do the revolt and the colony ship have to come from the same city?
•What happens when more than one person tries to take the city?
•What happens to the troops I send with the colony ship?
•Why do people recommend sending the colony ship to arrive early in the revolt period?
•What damage does the revolt do to the city and the troops stationed there?
•Do you need to send a revolt attack before you can capture an abandoned city?
•If you send the colony ship from a different city from the one you sent the revolt attack, does the second city need to have revolt researched?
•When I am ready to send a colony ship, which attack type do I choose?

Alliance Questions
•Should I join an alliance?
•How do I found an alliance?
•How do I get people to join my alliance?
•Why can't I invite any more players?
•Why can't I move threads from a shared forum?
•What can I do with forum mod privileges?

Premium Questions
•Do I need to buy premium to do well in Grepolis?
•How do I buy premium?
•I did a survey, but never received my gold. What can I do?
•What Premium features should I use?
•My gold has disappeared! What should I do?

•How do I create a support ticket?
•How do I report in-game messages?
•What happens to my culture level when I restart?
•Any post that violates the forum rules.

The answer to the above questions can be found here.
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