Important Read Before Posting~ The Report a Bug Section

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Please read the information below before making a post.
Before Making A Post...
Before you make a post here you need to make sure that you are not making a duplicate thread. Please check recent threads to see if anyone has posted about the same problem. Please make sure that you are posting here because of a possible bug and not a question about gameplay.
If your topic has not been addressed and solved previously, you can now move on to making a post.

Diagnosing Bugs
There are many steps involved with diagnosing a bug. You can read about diagnosing a bug here.

Exploiting Bugs (MUST READ)
Exploiting bugs in the game for advantages over other players is not allowed. The rules state:
§5) Bugs

It is against the rules to use game bugs to advance in the game. This is punishable by ban. If you find a critical bug it is your duty as a player to report it.
A bug is defined as an error, mistake, or flaw in a computer program or system that produces an incorrect or unexpected result, or causes it to behave in unintended ways that the developer did not intend. Examples of exploiting a bug include having hundreds of extra free population available and using it to send attacks that are bigger than normally possible. Any bugs with these types of large disadvantages should be reported to the support system and not exploited.

If you feel another player is exploiting a bug please send in a support ticket and a moderator will check it out.

There are several prefixes in this section.

Confirmed- This means that a new bug has been confirmed and the thread is linked to the developers.

Pending- This means that the reported issue is being investigated.

Fixed- This means that the bug has been fixed.

Not a Bug- This means that the reported issue is not a bug

Known Bug- This means the reported issue is a known bug that is being worked on by the developers.

FAQ- This prefix is not used in this section.

There are three sections in the report a bug forum.

Main Section- The first section is the main section. This is to be used ONLY for reporting possible bugs in the game.

Archived Bugs Section- The second section is the Archived Bugs. It's purpose is to have all previous bugs that have been reported and fixed in case they occur again.

Not a Bug Archive- The third section is the Not a Bug Archive. It's purpose is to hold all spam threads and non bug reports.
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