Ready for action!


Hello fellow Sigma citizens!

The world is now open and ready for action!

It is still early. Well, really early! HAHA! But I do expect a lot of competition in this world! The first two months shall be the toughest of all I think.

If anyone wishes to find me, I shall be in Ocean 55, South East on the Compass Rose ;) Come and stalk if you wish! Be my guest. Make my day. You nincompoops! ;)

Do you guys think that Sigma will be a well fought out world for first place in both player and alliance rankings?
Do you think that it will be loaded with MRAs? DO YOU!? HUH?!

I wanna know people's opinions. So get answering ;)



I think that there will be the usual mix of MRAs and so called 'Elitists', only time will tell who is worthy of the top ranks.


Yes it is! I did play KAPPA a while back, and the amount of MRAs in that world was just unbelievable! I hope it don't happen here! But yes, as you say, and you are damn correct, time will tell!