Passed Receive reports for any spell cast on an attack

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that's why many of the ideas/ asks have been for the addition of things that are in the browser to the app but inno can't/ won't do it

if you are an active player in an active alliance and a large number of cities, even with admin, scrolling through all of the waves at the exact right time to see that a spell has been cast is unlikely
hence, a notification would be great

yep, lol, just a fact of our grepo lives
has made some of the good players into some of the best to compensate
psst, that's why i hang with them... they make me look like i know a thing or two ;)


Kal Gordon, I never said that the chances of the attacker were the same than the defender. The defense is advantaged, YES. And I think that the actual advantage of the defense is a perfect balance for the game that should not be modified by this proposition.

Innogames always said that they wanted this defensive advantage. It's not complicated to understand why :

If too many players in little alliance or with few experience lose units and cities, too many players rage quit and it's not good for a game too lose players, particularly the new ones (the addicts will quit their world and start another one)

Gold is mostly used for attack and I'm sure that more than 80% of the players who use gold during the events do it for the manticores, griffins, maybe harpies and not to buy archers or hoplites. The harder it is to attack, the more gold these players use.

And a important point that you absolutely forgot : you choose WHEN you attack and except if you are really stupid, you do it when you are ready to do it. You've got enough units, you've got the time to play, you've got enough favors or buffs, your allies are ready to help you... when the defender have no choice ! He needs to defend when he is attacked, no matter if he's got units, favors, buffs or time to play. ANd his allies won't necessarily be ON to help him. That's the main reason why I'm a fervent defender of this unbalanced balance between attack and defense.;)

Kal Gordon

@Rachel.L - True. They still haven't let them change city names, which I've heard shouldn't be that hard? And yes, I was lucky to spot it on those two times that I did so. I wouldn't spot it most of the time. And you do know a thing or two. Played on three servers that you are on. :)

- I understand all of that, and I agree. (I openly admit to being a turtle.) However this change to spell reports wouldn't take away any of the major advantages that the defender has in this game. It would have very little impact on the larger scale, but it would be very helpful for streamlining the game.
- I agree on that. But recently, with the cheap DLU tokens available in the last few events, I see a lot of people investing their event currency (shards, laurels, etc) into DLU tokens, including those who have been using gold to get the "special" reward, and therefore end up with a lot of event currency. Maybe you haven't seen it as much in conquest. But a heavy golder is one of the toughest types of player to take a city off of in revolt. Because you just can't rely on keeping that wall down.
- Yes, you choose when you attack and can ask for help from your allies. But if the defender is offline, then the spell report doesn't make a difference, because they won't cast desire. And if you have a good alliance, it is fairly unlikely that you will be the only one around for very long, especially in alliances with good co-ordination and teamwork. But that's not the point. My point is that this is a minor change which will streamline this game, help to level the playing field a little for app players compared to browser players, and which won't change the attacker-defender balance that much.


while i totally agree with making all spells treated equally/ streamlined, i must admit dolgarok's making an argument that is swaying me a bit
not changing my mind, but making me rethink my hard stance
a small alliance or defender needs all the help he/ she can get but i'm not sure this is the way to do it
i can think of a bunch but that's the subject of other threads (more balance in events awards or starter packages, for example)
every small change has ripples


I have to admit... I tried the APP and HATE it... I just live with my laptop beside me 24/7 which I have to do for work anyway...

I have no issue with receiving an alert for the casting of spells, but I do see the advantage in having one spell "Desire" as a discrete protective spell... especially since Hera is the first goddess, it gives a new player something to defend themselves with... hence, I have no issue with adding notices for the others, but still say leave desire as is... if they cast it and I was waiting to cast "Favourable Wind" I simply have to purify it first... annoying yes, but all is fair in Love & War.... you then get to replace what they thought would be a weakened attack with a strengthened one if you can...

So I see both yours and Rachel's view, and have no issue with it, other than it is nice to have one discrete weapon as a defender...
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