Red Alert


Membership is granted to those that are active, inactivity is an unacceptable practice and will not be tolerated. If you want to play with the best, then this is the alliance for you.

Recruitment: We are currently looking for active players close to our core, refugees are not welcome.

Leaders: sheiii

Recruitment is currently:

Acts of war

Inviting our members.
Spying our members.
Attacking our members.


Sheiii, depending on the location of your core, it will possibly be a difficult uphill battle to form a new alliance. If you're committed to the task, start very small, prove yourself as a solid player to those around you, and recruits will begin to trickle in. Often, the best allies are gained from battle.

King Leonidas 3.00

Ohh. If you were near me i'd ask you if you want to join my alliance


Unlike most of the alliance, I'm looking for an active player, I have enough experience in guided, meaning not the first time that I am the leader of something! I watched this great alliance, and I figured that it 60% of the players are not active, which I do not! Every member of my alliance is active, each is asked first of all, to send him a message, it means no one want to call before I see what the activity! Now for the moment I have enough active members, and I hope it will be even more in the near future

sheiii 1703 points, 1 city
anonymous. 1553 points, 1 city
Zagrosz 1364 points, 1 city
Rasta1993 1297 points, 1 city
Jgone 1108 points, 1 city
Officorz 1107 points, 1 city
TROZAK 1103 points, 1 city
rafyo1 1071 points, 1 city
craigmc13 1040 points, 1 city
aaronpowers 1016 points, 1 city
pokusaj2 865 points, 1 city