Granite Walls

Very strange this server,It seems that refugees are frequently taken in,even though they are obviously Sim City players or turtles,who only decide they need an alliance after they are well on their way to becoming a farm.

My question is,Is this standard for this server? If so my companions and myself need to rethink our strategy somewhat.

Proud Tex

My question is,Is this standard for this server?
from what i've seen so far, this is standard game play for all MRA alliances who don't know any better. on all servers. they just love to recruit everybody's BP and resource farms. this only sucks if your alliance happens to be pacted with the MRA who just accepted your farm. if your alliance is not pacted with them, well sir, i would still farm them, lol ;)

i mean if they are that inactive, they probably won't even request for help. if they do, and by some small chance actually receive the help. what's the worst that could happen? they send a few threatening letters telling you to stop, or else. you reply with a, " FU that's MY farm you just recruited," and perhaps u might even get lucky enough that they throw a few DBP at you. ;)

either way, you get your farm. i prefer the farm+BP route,...