Remembering Republica

It was approximately 8 months ago today that I first started playing Grepolis, and the world I was directed to was Ithaca. After piddling around a day or two, I ambitiously created an alliance and used the shotgun approach to recruiting .. I just blindly started blasting out invitations in all directions. No message, nothing. After a few days I had not gotten a single response. My feelings were seriously hurt .. both of them.

Then I received a PM. Would I like to join an alliance named Republica? It was from some guy named wowbaggus. He was their Emperor. Holy , I thought .. what an honor. "Of course I'd like to join, your imperial majesty," I said. But I just started playing, and have no idea what I'm doing. That's OK, he said .. in a few months you might be leading this alliance. I've seen it happen before.

So I started the wonderful life of a noob recruit in a major alliance (They were at that time second or third in Ithaca). I didn't know squat. But there was this thing called an alliance forum full of info on how to build a city, dodge attacks, conquer farm villages, start a revolt, send a colony ship. The alliance war leader, named BlackAchilles, had written a post along the lines of "learn how to dodge & defend or die." I studied it real good.

I grew my city. I had no army or navy, so every time I saw a request for help I had to just wait. I started recruiting around me. This time I sent out messages. If they answered, I gave their name to wowbaggus or one of the other leaders so they could invite them. After about the 4th time he got tired of me bugging him and gave me recruiting rights. I was so proud of myself.

Eventually I had 5 biremes and 5 transports and a few troops, and when someone called for help I sent half. I had a 5 hour rule .. if they were 5 hrs or less away, I sent help. Soon I had more ships, more troops ... and I responded to every call for help I could. I also participated in the forums. Next thing I knew I was given access to the internal forums.

Then the inevitable happened. I saw the flashing red crossed swords for the first time. I was under attack. My palms got sweaty, my blood prressure rose (more about that later). Oh crud, whadda I do? Lemme see, attack is over hour away .. plenty of time. Remember "learn how to dodge & defend or die." .. I went back, read it again. Ok, post help request in forum, use BB codes .. check. Move my offensive troops, check. Spend extra resources or hide using market, check. Call up militia, check. Grab a cold glass of ice tea and sit back & wait, check .. LOL. I survived.

Eventually I managed to get about 8 or 9 cities, was named a leader (go figure), and thought life was pretty good.... but then it all went wrong. There we're a number of problems. Real life issues were causing an increase in the aforementioned blood pressure problem. I was working 12 hr shifts at work .. and barely had time to log on and collect resources some days. At he same time some of our leaders disappeared. wowbaggus seemed to loose interest and was rarely heard from. Fen Farkle went on vacation. While he was gone, johnnyboy09 had a real life emergency and had to quit playing, and soultarget decided to try another world. In the midst of all this turmoil it turns out we had a traitor in the alliance, and our foe picked the right time to strike. The enemy was called New Model Army, and they were just better organized and more aggressive than us. Over the course of 1 weekend we got hammered. We lost cities, we lost players. We did make a few heroic stands, and I must say I was proud of our players .. they fought hard .. just not always well. I tried my best, but I was not experienced enough to lead.

Things settled down for about a week, and I decided to quit .. I was playing Ithaca, Lamia and Marathon .... it was too much. I tried to make arrangements for internal takeovers of my cities actually managed to do it with about 3 but then the attacks from NMA started again and everyone was too busy to worry about me. I put it in VM and shut it down. When VM ended I logged back in .. all my cities but one were gone .. and there were attacks on the way to that one. So it ended. I quit the game for about 4 months, got things back under control, and started playing again about 2 months ago.

Here's to Republica and all those who made her fun ... I know I can't remember all the names, but here are some I had written down and still fondly remember ...

Fen Farkle
king ferdinand

Cheers, ya'll:cool:

break stuff

:Angry: I was in Republica once :Angry: nobody remembers me :supermad:
LOL .. I doubt anyone remembers me either since it doesn't look like very many have read this and few of the names I recall don't seem to be active in Grepolis anymore:(

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I remember you... I sent you a message and you never replied :( :supermad:

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No No you read it! Thats what made my sad :( but then I was :supermad: but then I was back to :).

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It tends to happen when someone called... I dunno maybe... HASSAN AL-SABBAH Doesnt reply to my messages!!!!!!

Retr3at Hell

i Remember Republica , i remember Fen and wow, dam i started off just like you. with an invite and i am still in ithica , i haven't fallen yet.

Retr3at Hell

Yeah i know but i am not experience , with no help ive gotten to wear i am i came from nothing with no help or anything.

Retr3at Hell

Back then i lost all my citys to N.M.A , then again to D.E.B Because my alliance fell both republica and "New republica"


I remeber Republica - but what about the classy players like Kitix and Malenor - they got sold-out by the turtles, allowing NMA do double-team them


Malenor was jewel in the rough in terms of offence coming from Republica, Then looking at kitix now hes beasting ABP stats like no tomorrow so I guess some of the fallen alliances still live... just in our memories...


Republica is my second alliance in Ithaca world. I was recruited by Johnyboy to join Republica after my first alliance the Black Angels was disbanded.

Republica is an strong alliance when I joined them in March 2012. We have had great leaders, good and experienced players like Wowbaggus, soultarget, johnyboy, king ferdinand, zural, and fen farkle. Fen is a great ocean commander, overseeing and scheduling the offensive and defensive operations of the alliance in ocean 56 and 54 of Ithaca world during that time.

I, kitix, and malenor was once belongs to a Republica battle group division at the southern part of ocean 54 conquering New Model Army (NMA) cities :D

I still remember one time when I attacked one of fontenay city, he sent PM trying to convince me to join NMA :p

As far as I know, the downfall of Republica started when there are misunderstanding between ocean commanders in ocean 56 and 54 on what should be the best strategy to be adopted in fighting the enemy. There are also doubts that we have internal spies. Some leaders says we are lacking of diplomacy with other alliances.


there has been a republica in like every world :p I remember fighting against one in Xi