+Rep person above you!!!

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well this +/- raps are for ''i like youre coment'' or '' i dont like youre coment''


i'm juts to blond to understand why you need it ;/ but if it makes you happy sure will try to add you some more.. (just couse i'm bored)
Only rep for Harpuna cause she likes Neda Ukraden and for some other things I would skip this time. :p

I don't see the point of this neither..Although it is the only thread as Zordas said on Zeta that is active these days..:( We need more pnp-s...This is boring..


Slobo: no
person above slobo is me so: no
person above that: no cant
cant +rep the person above that either



this is incredibly boring for a topic .....

cant it be made into a game or something? ...
right now it is just a topic to abuse the rep system and isnt really working because the rep system limits how much you can rep each other (to prevent this very thing I assume). Rep is supposed to be lost or earned from posting good topics (or bad) not just from a thread made to +rep?
its no skin off my nose of course ... but maybe turn this into a forum game or something less self serving?
who actually cares about their forum rep/level anyway? ... we are here to play grepolis not the forum I thought?
(dont get used to this forum anyway .. if you do well on rep they are only gonna release a new version and try to reset you anyway, lmao)
(spam is ok here right ? ..... must be)

I didnt +rep anyone ... didnt see anything here worth giving +rep for tbh...


Hay we should ask Mod to start a game like in Athens
Ghoul of Athens
You play till 200th post and who post that post will earn the title!!
No double posting or deleting posts!
Not open for further replies.