Requiem of the dead in Nauctratis


Most of the alliances in this world have booted players for inactivity and their combined total is over 100k points. I have been watching grepostats and noticed that other alliances seem to be experiencing the same phenomenon - many, many inactives all over Nauctratis. The leaders of other alliances have started booting their inactives too. There are tons of cities available all over the server and no alliance has enough active players with enough culture/slot to absorb them all. My guess is that the players left because they didn't like the set-up of this server, but I can't say for certain, since they are not around to asked. Although, as a rule, casual world (Nauctratis) start with no endgame. It can change in the future if needed. When, and where?

There is no doubt that casual revolt world has changed the game in many ways (specifically the +/- 20 % rule of attack) and we are just starting to figure out whether or not those changes are good or not for us and the game. There are many pros and cons to the new format, but one thing for certain, the game has changed dramatically.

In this thread, please post what you like or don't like about CASUAL REVOLT WORLD server rule - I'm very interested in comparing opinions.


Out of courtesy, I am replying to you. In advance, this is MY experience and MY opinion. Thus, for the agents of the empire, do not come and harrass if I post something that you do not like.
I like the world casual settings. I started playing in another server in another language too.
I essentially became inactive in Nautillus and active in the other server. I eventually left this server because the politics of other world in this server followed in the Nautillus world.

It was not a truly beginners or independant world. At least from my experience. Thus, I am having a clean start in another server and language, and I am having a lot of fun there.

I guess it is an advantage to speak other languages.
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I ran the Golden Shimmer over there, the world, in my opinion, was just dead from the start. I'm amazed that our alliance is still in the top 10 alliances when over half our members moved over to en113 over a week ago. The most annoying thing was the 20% +/- shenanigans, this just took the fun out of the whole game. I understand why Inno did it but I don't think this casual world works.


I like the principle of a casual world, it should be a good place for new players to learn to play the game with experienced players without getting beaten up and demoralised, as well as a place for experienced players to mess about, try new things and get recruits for worlds with an end game. Unfortunately, it has failed to achieve any of these.

To be able to learn the game you need to be able to plan and build ops, the 20% limit prevents any meaningful op taking place. Even when an op is run, smaller players have to run their own revolts therefore they do not benefit from the experience of those that have played for years. Activity is so low that bp is from inactive players and ghosts. Diplomacy has disappeared, there is no need for it as it is not possible for any alliance to attack another alliance in a meaningful way. Just about everything that made Grepolis a great game has been lost.

The server is in its death throes, if not already dead, there will of course be players who will continue to build but more through city festivals etc, rather than the clashing of alliances.

Inno, you have turned a war game into a pleasant walk in the countryside, that may be your intention but I cannot see how it serves the game as a whole.


You nailed it pgalland. And being this server is just played for more than 2 months, Inno had still time to remove the +/-80% attack restrictions and the world will happily ever after.


A couple of months into the server and not one op by any alliance as far as I much for teaching about team play.

I am sure Inno has the ability to poll the players within the server. Maybe they can show they care by asking the players if they want the 20% rule to remain or removed......otherwise this world is all but done once the next decent revolt world comes about. I suppose we can appeal to their core values and say that as long as the 20% rule remains in effect it will not be a very "profitable" server for them.


Finally checked in on this and the results are about what I expected.

This was a cool concept but the problem with this world is that it was supposed to be designed to practice and learn the game. While it teaches the basics like building, fighting people on your level, etc. It doesn't actually teach you anything meaningful. As covered above, nobody ops because of the 20% limit. Which isn't realistic of any revolt world. The 20% limit also isn't realistic in any world in general. People will attack anyone and the game is cutthroat. I would assume that these types of settings probably failed to attract anyone that could teach them the game and if they did, those people probably learned that the restrictions fail to actually allow those players to the game.