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Hello, Mr. Triad II here! :)
I am still running my delightful inactive alliance: Triad II, and I just logged in for a little look at what is happening... Of course, while our old alliance (named Sanctuary) was in the top 10 we had THE APOSTLES as a pact... Of course, when we fell they never dissolved their pact. We were a tiny alliance, so small, and I started the Triad II "prank". I had fun with that, but I didn't write a PnP for it. Now, this one is about the simple thing reservations... I dissolved our pact with THE APOSTLES a while ago, but they were still in the top 5 then... Now, of course, allies share reservations! So, when we had a pact we shared reservations. Now, for the fun part!
The apostles never cancelled their reservations with us... :)
shhhhhhhhh don't tell them. ;)
Luckily, they've fallen, so I doubt any of their players use the forums. But I'm sure YOU do. :) So, please don't tell them, but sadly they've fallen to #10 :(

But, I gotta provide proof don't I?

:D :D :D

If you are interested in their reservation info, please PM me somewhere, forum, any world (preferably Abdera or Bhyrtos)...


Slim Shaddies

This is pretty low, even for you.
like this even matters, the largest players in TA have already left to join ST1 the alliance is all but over with, its just flame trying to get some attention now that laughing at Traid II is over. If he really wanted to be funny he should just change his name to Nickery II.