Restarting anniversary world, CP not reset


When you restart an anniversary world with less CP than you are given by default (9 CP), it will not be reset (situation can occur through research reset). Eg. if you restart while you have 5 CP, you will still have that instead of 9.

I don't know and hope this is not the case for players who restart with more CP than you are given by default.

I've tested this a few times on both the en and de servers (and am stuck with fewer CP than I should have as a result). Quite easily replicable.


I've been told by someone who restarted that CP is reset if you have more than 9.

Which suggests to me in the restart code where everything is reset, you have something like

if (player.CP > DEFAULT_CP) {player.CP = DEFAULT_CP}

This should be changed to just

player.CP = DEFAULT_CP

Quite a simple fix... I hope it can be done quickly because I'm stuck with 7 CP and I want to switch from golding to playing properly asap!

1 month or so til domination starts