[Revolt] Competitive World


Hopefully this is OK, mods.

Keeping it short, a competitive revolt world has began on the Russian servers.

There are currently around 11-12 Russian premades on the server, along with Fiasco, from EN.

However, we'd love to see some more EN teams/players here, you can see the world settings: here

You can translate the page but if you've been playing long enough, you should know how to play grepo regardless of the language :)


Blank Face


Soldiers and knights, dressed to kill
ready to die, for King and country
with sword and axe in hand.

Battled scarred lands and rivers
run red with soldiers blood,
many a knight dies, for his beliefs.

Rosslyn Chapel, Templar Knights
laid to rest, in dead man’s mail
secret chamber, secret wealth
hidden from prying eyes.



If I had read this earlier and was interested in playing again, I would have joined for sure.

Please do this for competitive worlds in the future.