ReVoLuTiOn V.S. AA

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LOL AA is just awesome.... Looking at your stats from all the worlds..... Why do you even bother coming on.... just to make me laugh with your hysterical comments.....


AA. Despite what you say about DeB, you know we are not that bad and that in any world I got your back. Come back to Ithaca and let me help you build a turtles dream shell.

Australian Army

I quit most of the worlds I play, just try them for a week or so, see if their good, if not I leave. DeB makes me laugh their biremes just cannot take any alliance.


Once you join the forums its what keeps Grepolis interesting


Seems someone like triemes and is sending the to your cities, maybe the play conquest worlds and got confuesd :D

Australian Army

Really? Oh well whoever it is can withdraw, I am too occupied with winning an argument on Pella