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Author's spoiler:
This is the very last issue of my newspaper. This is also just for the lols.


News Flash! Dictator Mutt of Hell has ordered a Mutt Patrol to clean up Rhammus of simmers.


*All the cities conquered viewed in this picture were from the same player

Dictator Mutt of Hell demanded the Labradoric Observation Team to look for interesting things.

The Laboradoric Observation Team reports:
-A slinger nuke behind a level 20+ wall and a tower along with scattered defenses and a legion of "Light Ships"

-This is the Founder of the Alliance, The Scorpions

-Beta Project appears out of no where and is near the top of the rankings.

-Epic Riots and II are merged with Ocean Veterans, renaming their alliances "Ocean Veterans" and "Ocean Veterans 2."

-Former alliance Oceans Veterans II has merged into OV II.


Mutt from Hell, Dictator and Supreme KingViper of Venominium:

Q:What are your views on the world?

A: The world would be better if u ruled it.[/spoiler]

Cuddles Assistant,Former World Reporter of Rhammus, proud member of Ocean Veterans, and formerly known as "Druvi":

Q:What are your views on this world and what do you think will happen in the next few weeks?


Vulpes,Founder of Beta Project

Q:As the world approaches the end,what are your feeling for this world?

A:its not anywhere near the end.



Q:What are they?

A:World Wonders (often abbreviated as WW) brought a new team-play aspect to Grepolis after the 2.0 update. Once the world is in the "Era of World Wonders" stage, alliances may build world wonders on islands they completely own. World Wonders are built by collecting up resources. You can accelerate the construction of your world wonder by using 400 favour from all of the gods.

What are the requirements for World Wonders?

A:-The world must have been in existence for at least 6 months

-The sum of the top 50 alliances points must be at least 250 million

-If the world is not in the "Era of World Wonders" after 6 months, the amount needed for the sum of the top 50 alliances will be reduced by 13 million per month.

What happens when another alliance take a city on Wonder Island?

A:There are two types of ways in which a Wonder can be demolished. The first type is partial demolition and is through loss of control of the island. The second type is total demolition and is through the disbanding of an alliance.

Loss of Island Control
Should an alliance lose control of one or more cities on an island with a Wonder under construction, the current level on which the Wonder is being built will be lost. For example: If Alliance A is building Level 7 of Wonder X, and have put 10,000,000 resources towards its completion; if Alliance B comes in and takes a city on that island, then all of the resources for Level 7 will be lost and the Wonder will remain at Level 6 with construction halted until control of the island is regained.

If the island contains a Level 10 Wonder, loss of a city will result in the Wonder being knocked down a level to Level 9. At this point, other alliances with the same Wonder can then attempt to complete their Wonder.

Note: This is also the case if a city on the island ghosts. However, unlike the loss of a city through conquest, the alliance will still be able to continue building the wonder, though at a loss of the last completed level and resources.
Alliance Disbanding

Q:What if my alliance founder....disbands the alliance? What happens then?

Should an alliance disband, or be disbanded, all Wonders under its control will be lost. This is total demolition of the entire Wonder and all built levels. Additionally, the merging of two alliances will also result in this happening. The alliance merging into the other alliance would have to disband in order for its members to join the newly merged alliance.

Also, if the alliance building the wonder loses all of its cities on that island, then the Wonder will be completely demolished as well.
Q:How many wonders can an alliance build?


~Wiki Page.


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