Newspaper Rhammus Newspaper~ Issue 10


Read This First:
This issue has a bit of propaganda in it. I'm experimenting with a new style of writing and it will be a mixture of propaganda and facts combined. It will be the only issue I'll be doing this kind of style. However, if you do like this type of writing, I'll be glad to do so. After all, the readers have a big influence on how I do my newspapers.

News You Deserve to Hear
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Toxic Movement is an alliance located in O53. It was originally called War Wolves. This is the reason why the alliance is called Toxic Movement:

Many players say a merge occurred, however this is not the case. One of the founders of the alliance has said:

This is actually what happened to War Wolves/Toxic Movement:

Wars They Are Fighting At The Moment:


Legion XIII0
Toxic Movement1

They are not necessarily at war, just pointing out Toxic Movement took one of their cities. End of News



Jack Daniels
Legion XV


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10.)Bond 007
13.)Greed the Avaricious

Hmmm, I believe it's another...

That's all folks. I understand this issue is pretty short but next issue will be really long. If you have any info on anything, please PM me ( examples: Merge, War, Etc) +Rep if you like it
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black Ker

wow a whole thread devoted to rim noobs changing there name , my advice is spend less time on stuff like this and play the actual world. Maybe you might even get a 2nd city :p


If you don't call that a merge, I don't know what you would call it.

I'll take 8.
I likes you :)

wow a whole thread devoted to rim noobs changing there name , my advice is spend less time on stuff like this and play the actual world. Maybe you might even get a 2nd city :p
Oh my!! now there are two of us in Ruse with balls... now.. why so serious?

Joseph Nieves

Your point average only went up because you are taking in the players from both sides who have the most points. Points don't really mean anything at this stage. My alliance has higher ABP's and DBP's than your number 4 alliance. That is what counts.
Considering they have been around for about 2-3 days, it is neither super impressive or surprising that your alliance's bp total is higher.
Considering that I could look at each players ABP's and DBP's in totality and come up with the same conclusion does though.
Please give me the exact numbers then. I would love to see it. If I remember correctly ww, always was in the top four for bp. So if what your saying is true you must've done alot in the past few days. I mean were almost half way caught up with you guys as it is and its only been two days.
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Greed, just wondering. If WW was number 4 in BP...why dissolve it and then make a new alliance? Why not just have JD players join and then rename the alliance. Seems like a lot of work doing all of that. Y'all are lucky you got many of the same players. Besides, if that would have happened with me...I log online to see oh, I don't have an alliance anymore...I'd think twice before joining the one with the same players who have high egos and think they're god. BTW, I didn't like that jackaroo guy from JD. He had a huge, huge ego. Mike is alright though.
Again you might want to look into it more before saying your opinion. Jackaroo isnt even in our alliance. If you had a full understanding of what happened you wouldnt be asking what you are right now, and unfortunately I dont like to repeat myself.