Rim wars


BoB , Spartan 300 ( AGOGE ) and Triad

But i do have a contact with the EoT leader


I've seen some good stuff on the rim. Grim Reapers and a tough bunch in the northern 50s and 60s. Glorious seems to be rising from the east. Some of the early rimmers have fallen victim to a number of multi-accounters in their midst. I think this and a traitor did in The United Ones. The remnants are trying to make a go of it in Reborn, if they can find enough honorable rim players to reach critical mass.

Selected Spartan Legacy members were good opponents (and still are). I just think that SL and EOT would make better end game partners than one of them merging with MoRC.

As a BOB player, I judge a player by honorable relations. I was a rimmer in World CHI, and I know the toughness of late game battles makes that hard to handle 100% of the time. Good luck to all in the coming weeks.