Rise and Fall of Sinope Volume 4


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Sum Ting Wong said:
TUS Look in complete control

The Question is if they will just go for WW or to play to the end of the world
Ryan16 said:
Just give it time. Once TUS is out of the way, people will start backstabbing each other and chosing new sides. Border issues, recruitment issues, maybe even the simple argument will break out and a new war will start. For now, they still need to work together to get the main issue out of the way.
Zen Shadow said:
So, TUS has now fallen apart and is getting worse by the minute....
My reaction:
I think you should look at this link.
Best PNP Evah!
Choppy Punch
lukjackm said:
Topic: Brir
Rating- Will give him 3/10 cos hes done well to get some cities again, after giving most of them away early on
Summary- A active forum poster who seems to pay very little interest in the game, his DBP is much higher thanks to all the support his alliance gave him early on while he was giving cities away, my Advise -

to him would be to walk the walk, not talk the talk
Socalju said:
All About AeO
So I'll keep this short and sweet...

AeO leadership kicked me from the alliance for comments I made on the alliance forum, then blacklisted me by telling it's pact members that I was a TUS spy.
Zero said:
Our spy is call blaze or something if I recall righ
Socalju comments to Zero's post above said:
LOL nothing would surprise me at this point.
profiten says to Socalju said:
you insulted half the aliance, you were the cause of internal strife , what more do you need? and this wasn't the first time either if i was in their place i would have kicked you out a long time ago .
This month's STAR players


Hates: TUS
Loves: Me
Secret to looks: My voluptuous bum and bedroom eyes


Grepo Hates - Attack alarm going off at 4am in the morning... but even that isn't as bad as the World Wonder system.
Grepo Loves - Nothing beats a perfect snipe and nothing beats the BE crew I've played this game with for the past 3 years now.
Secret of your good looks are: Drinking heavily and mainting a sense a of self-irony.


Grepo Hates- people who send weird messages
Grepo Loves - turling up and defying the odds
Secret of your good looks are: not looking in the mirror

Interview with Old school Camp - The Onion Knight
"True love is hard to find, sometimes you think you have true love and then you catch the early flight home"

Q:So you left Zero.... Was it not meant to be forever?
A:I didn't leave Zero, he went on VM so I wasn't able to make moves or have discussions with him.

"Choppy, this is a safe place. A place where we can feel free sharing our feelings."
Q:So what would be your feelings towards TUS camp now?
A:TUS is a great group of players but Grepolis is a difficult game and there are always problems within large alliances. I don't think anybody is immune to that with this large of a cap and in this era of sister alliances.

a)Do you plan to work with them?
b)Or do you plan to work for them?
c)Or pretend to work with them until such time you can jump ship

A:We are not a group of pretenders but I can't answer this question as it would give away gameplay strategy. :)

Q:Rumor says that it is certain 'individuals' that are the issue in TUS camp... How 'factually' true is this? Can you shed an insight to our loyal followers here, how tense the camp is atm?
A:Answering this question would stir up drama so let me just say this: Grepolis is a lot like real life in some regards. There will always be people who are easier to get along with than others.

Some may say....You all a hell of a day and even worse week.
So what's your diplomatic status with Comings?

Listen, this is a serious situation. So what's Old School next steps going to be?
Our next steps are to get back to enjoying the game. :)

Madnutz to Erik & Tea said:

You two are so full of . I can smell you from here.
Rest of the world goes:

Fungus said:
Is Zero in VM already???Took him longer than expected Now CS will pick 1 alliance at the time from their Pact and kill them with the other pact alliances.This world is really great battlefield, probably the best in grepo history
Ryan16 said:
Looks like a great set up... Cant wait to see who gets their hearts broken. Maybe another alliance will show up as well once TUS collapses. I would like to see some rim alliances make a push for the cor
Annanina... said:
with zarun and Chop ..... they are doomed from the start
Ranga1 said:
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd TUS are dead....that lasted the whole of 2 months before the usual suspects got cranky with each other and thought they were better than the next. Where is Zero in their time of need? VM still
Anon player from ex BE crew said:
tom creed999 just left the world (2nd time he's done that to me!) and the others have split up.
And Tom goes....

2nd Interview:
Whilst stutenzee is on vm, must say karlieSpain bravely stepped up to the plate, where no other man would go. To answer the 'dreaded' questions: Now the spot light is all on you!

So word has fallen on my ears that you are trying to set up a anti Comings coalition. So...

Q: How is the recruitment of this campaign coming?
A:Monks were never anti-anyone until the alpha alliances fed us to the wolves, decided our joint defensive pact was irrelevant and then started war with us. The comings are a respected group and are only on our radar as they align themselves with the likes of the alpha leaders

Q:Taking that the TUS camp has run into difficulty against Comings camp, even though many of TUS players are experienced players with a big bank account, what hope do you have to make this a successful venture?
A:We will be doing out best to make this work. We will not need TUS we have other plans in the works.

Q: Did you approach TUS camp to offer your team loyal support?
A:We were in talks with TUS camp early on but we didnt get the loyalty we would have given. Since then there has been little communication

Q: It is an ambitious plan to bring Comings down and form a new coalition.... What set of qualities and caliber do you and your team have to pull this effort off?
A:Most of all monks are loyal to our family. We arent here to win at all costs like some. We are here to have fun, make new friends, do our best and show that we are stronger than they think. We dont see the little guys as food. Maybe its wrong to think this way but we believe all people are good until they show otherwise. The enemies we have werent made by us, that was their choice to turn on us. We are loyal to our friends. Because the Monks are here to have fun and make friends, many of us attempt diplomacy before attacking someone.



Sterling work as always OJ.. Top marks again.

A slight issue with your image of my good self though.. My mouth is not in the correct proportion to my legs.. It's MUCH bigger.. :p