Rise and fall of The Elite!


lol funny thing is kevin wanted KoDR to have a ceasefire with TE so we could both go after SP and then move on UoW. Then TE sided with SP over there brothers in arms at Valour. is a strange old game is it not?


Wow! Lots of twists and turns. TE and SP tried to turn against each other? LOL I never would've found out.
On a different note, So what can TST say about LB taking their WW city? How's things between BA and TST?


Funny how no one cared to comment about BA's WW bust to TST. All out of words?


pretty good, well thought. Whatever has a beginning has an end.


Good reading thought all of the tellers have gaps ( details missing )...just like in a real war.


You quit the game but yet still lie about things.

Rygarr, you asked me a personal favor for me to take your friend in my alliance so your own alliance would not attack him. I did it for you

Not much later you left TE and former Valor. At that time it was only you and if i recall one or two other people. At that time i asked you to join SP.

You took lolallday and he started attacking us. You lied saying it was an accident.

For many times you tried to convince me TE wanted to war against your alliance and would come after me.

While i tried to bring some kodr members and working/discussing with Arhenius, he wanted us to fight TE. I said i would not fight TE but Rygarr was saying they would come after us. If they came, we would fight back but we had no plans to attack TE. Biggest reason why the merge never happened was cause we would not fight TE. It was easy to understand why they moved to Valor .. YOU wanted to fight TE.

Arhenius, after joined Valor, mentioned that former KoDR were very happy they would have the chance to fight TE. And that was said even before the war started. Even before I joined TE.

Never once we made any plans to attack TE. Plans were to attack UoW. Never made plans to attack Valor neither.

The whole idea of the second request to merge was because YOU kept telling me TE was coming after us. And i kept telling you i didnt believe it and would not attack them unless they attack us.

If you really didnt believe TE would help SP or attack you, then why you kept telling me TE wanted to fight your alliance and my alliance??

P1mono was in SP under the Yellow account when i created Valor. Surely i wanted him to join with me and asked him many times. He then told me (P1) that Bulls wanted Valor to merge into SP to fight Kodr. At the same time i was playing another world with Calico Jack and actually really got along well with him. I turned down Bull's request at a merger. So Kodr was falling apart but they still had great players that needed a home...

Abby returned and broke the pact between SP and Valor and said that Valor was not to invite a single kodr player (while bulls was recruiting them) I was surprised by this as was P1 and Bulls and it was at this time when bulls again suggested a merge of Valor PLUS taking in Kodr members to fight against TE.

I flat out told him no and he was foolish for thinking he could win a war against them. I removed myself from TE not because i didn't like them, it was simply that i done all i could there and their was no group activity anymore. I needed a fresh start...anyway back to the story...

This was the time when P1 said he would come over to Valor as he also didnt like the idea of war with TE, none of Valor did. Then TE, Valor and SP recruited Kodr's remaining members. With Calico coming over you can guess that many followed.

From the time Abby broke our pact i wanted war and now the stage was set. SP was a semi aggressive alliance making a name for themselves and Valor was of similar size at this point. So it was time for Valor to make our mark and we did so easily as we seen no sign of a fighting alliance in SP but then the strangest thing started happening. TE started supporting SP against us then mailed us warnings to cease our attacks on SP. Then started taking in SP refugees. It was this slap in the face that started TE Valor war.

Maybe emotions were running high with myself because i was in such disbelief that TE would do that I was still friends with JCC and Komagos at this time but despite their plea to end the war i was all in, the damage was done and the war raged on...

Now as far as me leaving...

I am a single father and as you all know this game takes so much of our time, time i should have been giving to my daughter. I walked away with Valor doing well and spent the summer doing family things with my kid (like i should have been doing)

Now eta is fading and i come back to finish out this world till the door closes. This is where Grepo started with me and this is where it will end EN7