Milestones Rise or Sink (Top 7 Alliance)

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  1. mangnganup

    mangnganup Phrourach

    Jul 22, 2012
    Heads up!

    How do you see the 7 alliances in 4 months time, are they going to rise or sink. Which Alliance do you think will Win the World Wonder?

    1. Nymeria - Rise or Sink

    2. NO NAME - Rise or Sink

    3. Bloodborne - Rise or Sink

    4. Bushido - Rise or Sink

    5. Phoenix Loyalists - Rise or Sink

    6. Borg - Rise or Sink

    7. Game of Trones - Rise or Sink

    Four (4) months estimated time until the age of the World Wonders is reached.
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  2. Athena90

    Athena90 Chiliarch

    Apr 11, 2014
    NONAME and Nymeria will win this server.
    They worked hard and in harmony since the day 1 and they have the most stable and good leadership of Amisos.
    Now they started the final merge for run the WW stage.
    All what i can say , is that rarely i found great alliances like them in this Game.
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  3. mangnganup

    mangnganup Phrourach

    Jul 22, 2012
    Finally the forums get interesting again. big things to happen in less than a month. So what you are saying is that NoMeria will win WW race?

    I think they need to come up with a better name.

    That one fat lady they've put together in a merge (hey, maybe that could be their new name?). But can they make her sing?

    1- NNymeria

    2- Bloodborne Phoenix

    3 - NoMeria

    4 - Phoenix Loyalist

    5- The Game of Trones

    6 - Knights Templar

  4. Athena90

    Athena90 Chiliarch

    Apr 11, 2014
    This post is reductive. :D
    You problem is an Alliance name and not your incoming loose ?
    How you will help you Alliance if you have only 16 towns based in the 024 ?
    Your Resources will join to Bloods WW's when NN already completed all 7 ;):D
    The point is that your Team is a result of dozens of merges , and now you post critics about a final and unique merge of Two alliance that played together in harmony since the day 1 ?
    About the Alliances names is a result of the merge, i think.
    NoName + Nymeria is not hard to understand :)
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  5. great76

    great76 Lochagos

    Oct 31, 2017
    Yh NNymeria will win unless some catastrophe happens which i dont think will

    Worlds been a bit of a bust very slow with not many active alliances which is a shame. Congrats to NNymeria for being the best. Know some of the people there. Shame Phoenix crumbled so quickly and didn't put up much of a fight at the beginning because we were much to spread out and not organised enough due to our top players leaving the world.