Rising Rookies?

Blue Shogun

Any rookie stars you see? One player recommendation at a time, please.

As for myself, I recommend my alliance mate GaryRune.

He used to be in Dynamis, and has no significant playing record, but has played on Epsilon before.

He has been in Dynamis and Dominion, and has now been selected to join the main team VRoK.

Constantly expanding, this player has a lot of potential. Also holds the number 1 ranking in O64.
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y hes good and a great guy to work with been with him from dynamis to vrok very expirienced (spelling: bite me) and very active nothing but good things there

but u do gotta realise that the reason he was able to expand so quickly cause of the bp he gained from being conquered @ start so he didnt had to deal with getting thse nasty CP @ start


Only had about 3k something bp when i got conquered lol - i still rage over the fact that i was about to conquer my 2nd city on the same day i got conquered ,only had to build two harbor levels and the cs and would have launched that day :/

Well i imagine daley will pass me soon for rank nr 1 in the ocean since im not interested in o64 anymore .Sure i will clear anyone if asked since i need my troops to die regulary to get rid of my 100k resources or so per city a day,already slacking with that in several cities but im trying my best. Will conquer 2 other cities in a day or two into o54 then my city count should be almost split between the oceans and the conquers wont be massive since half of my cities are already completly built out and the ones i will conquer will be small i imagine .

This is my first world basicly,i had a 2k city in another world tough so that really doesnt count i think.
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If we are talking about points :

Small players that are growing fast :
I would say : Michael sawin and Grepo markius

Big players that are growing fast :
Atticus X and sasarazstresen

I think Atticus will be rank 1 in points soon. Actually, I don't think he is human cause he never sleep...

Dragot and me will wait for you guys to catch up :)


LOL I have to admit the no one will know poohbearfish, a friendly and a fast rising rookie despite only having 2 cities hehe, if you know him then you will like him and he knows lots of stuff about this game, typical rookie. :)


I started a few months ago (longer, but it seems like it) and im getting cities fairly rapidly...i would like to consider myself a rising rookie....First World...