Not a Bug Ritual: Summoning of the Nereids - not working


Just got Ritual: Summoning of the Nereids from Easter Egg, and initiated it on city, but the cost of building ships not reduced from standard

still showing cost as 7320/630/162 which as I have mathematics researched is standard cost, this is the second time I have tried to use this prize with same result


1. It is at least partially explained. By hovering over the Nereids icon on the recipe list in the event, it states:
Rituals add special effects to spells you cast in addition to the spells' regular effects.

2. When the Nereids token is in your inventory, you can hover over it and read the description of the token, which states:
Rituals add special effects to spells you cast in addition to the spells' regular effects.
"Call of the Ocean": The resource costs of regular naval units in the target city will be reduced by 30%. The ritual lasts X hours.

3. On the Grepolis Wiki, the City Effects page (accessible from the sidebar) states all (or at least the vast majority) of the inventory items that can be used to have an effect on a city. The description of the Nereids (for some reason named Invocation of the Nereids rather than Summoning of the Nereids) states:
During the next X hours, whenever the divine power, "Call of the Ocean", is launched, the cost of the ships will be lowered by 30% in addition to the usual effect.

All 3 descriptions clearly state that rituals apply additional effects to normal spells. The inventory view (which is probably the same as when you hover over a completed egg token in the first panel of the event window) states that Nereids is a ritual, and lists Call of the Ocean as the affected spell. The wiki description states the same thing, but in a slightly more explicit way. At no point does any description state the effects as being a spell in their own right.

If you are unsure as to how something works, the first thing to do is to look on the wiki. If the description doesn't match what happened to you, or it still doesn't make sense, then possibly ask a moderator via support ticket. They are actually usually pretty good at getting back to you quickly on standard gameplay questions. With valuable tokens such as Nereids, it's worth enquiring about it before you try to use another one, otherwise you risk wasting a second token if you can't work it out by yourself in time.


does not work neither with a spell or without..


obviously i spent all trying hard to make this ritual work for over half an hour, otherwise i wouldn't even find this forum.
does ritual work for you?


Please send in a ticket to support. So it can be investigated properly.