Milestones Rizinia #2


Honestly stop commenting on worlds you aint involved in!
so, I guess u wanna say u know this world better than me:rolleyes:...prove it..u play there doesn't mean u know about other alliance well:p..I don't play, but I do research on grepostats and many things:)...I know about Rizinia alliances much more than u;)...not more than everyone...but at least u...only the players of Brotherhood disagreeing:p...but other alliance members are saying brotherhood is MRA.:D..answer them mate:supermad:..and correct me if I am wrong about 500 towns...u guys weren't even close to rank all Alpha high points members in ur alliance to reach this...yup I know u guys will kick...but like I said before, do that first then say brotherhood isn't MRA...with that many members u have now, u can't expect us to call that alliance a nice small awesome alliance...:heh:


hello's a long list of whats not been updated:(...I think Conan is busy in RL issues or something:supermad:...he is inactive in this thread to upgrade...he isn't a player to be that inactive though...but he isn't upgrading for a while now...can u please assign anyone else to this?

Barbra Streisand

Heres an unexpected one.. Barbra Streisand - First to 125k abp)


Good Bye.

Hello Everyone..

Due to some recent changes in my Life, I am going to be leaving grepolis for good, so would it be possible if one of the moods could delete this I will be leaving for a long period of time I don't know when I am going to be coming back maybe 1 -3 years time.

I would like to say good bye to everyone,

Old friends - New friends.

Old Enemies - New Enemies.

Wish you all the best off luck in your further, Not just in grepo, But remember one thing.



Best of luck with RL :)

If someone wants to take this over, let me know.