Scandinavian Alliance


For starters! Alliance


newly formed alliance..
Short about it, we welcome anyone who's experienced or new to the game. At the time being I prefer to learn as much as possible from the game and I believe in the future I will become one of the more active people here!

I wish I can get some friends and learn from you and even learn people from my own experience. I truly love games like this!

Change the whole idea (no longer only scandinavian people, everyone is welcome!), this will be a alliance for all the starters! I hope we'll see a lot of new people in it :) Give me a pm (Jogwe) and I'll give you an invite!

Take care!

ps. I'm in ocean 47! ds.
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Gorm den gale

Hey.. Im new to this game so maybe I could join your alliance ?
I have played a similar game to this before, but it is some years ago. Right now I just wanna learn how this works.
Btw. Im from denmark.

Im in ocean 36 (380,678)


We're actually doing somewhat progress with people :) and steady grown some of us!
So if there's more people interested in joining give me a pm or a message here and we'll sort it.