Searching for old alliances and the Black Pirates


In shadows cast by moonlit tales,
A saga spun in ocean gales,
The Black Sails danced on tempest seas,
A pirate's anthem, sung with ease.

Their ship adorned with ebony grace,
A flag of darkness, fearsome embrace,
On roiling waves, they set their course,
In pursuit of treasures, boundless force.

Crew of rogues with hearts untamed,
Legends whispered, their deeds proclaimed,
The Black Sails cut through the night,
A silhouette against the pale moonlight.

But fate, a silent saboteur,
Wove a tapestry, dark and obscure,
A tale of doom for those who roam,
On seas that claim both heart and home.

Storms arose with furious might,
Thunder clashed, as day turned to night,
The Black Sails battled winds that roared,
Yet destiny's hand could not be ignored.

Cannons roared, a thunderous sound,
Echoing through the vast surround,
But fortune's favor began to wane,
As shadows crept upon the main.

Boarded by the ghosts of the brine,
The Black Sails fought, a valiant line,
yet whispers told of a pirate's fall,
In the clutches of the ocean's call.

The captain, once defiant and bold,
Now faced the abyss, the stories told,
A sea of shadows, a watery grave,
For The Black Sails, no soul to save.

The waves, like mournful lullabies,
Sang dirges 'neath forsaken skies,
As the ebony ship sank from view,
A requiem for the pirate crew.

No more would they roam the boundless sea,
Their legend, now a ghostly decree,
The Black Sails vanished into the deep,
A tale of loss, where memories seep.

In ocean depths, where shadows play,
The pirates sleep, where corals sway,
The Black Sails rest in watery gloom,
A eulogy written in the ocean's tomb.


The fate of the Black Sails serves as a poignant reminder of the unforgiving nature of the sea, where valor and daring are often met with solemn requiem. Yet, even in their final hour, the spirit of the pirate crew lives on, immortalized in the annals of legend and lore.
Truly, this tale resonates with the echoes of maritime sagas of old, where heroes and villains alike sought their fortunes amidst the ever-changing tides.


Oh Queen Stef, hear my words, though they be but a whisper,
I understand the tempest that rages in your heart,
For my departure may seem a betrayal, a rupture,
Yet know, it pains me deeply, to see us part.

The fury that ignites within your noble alliance,
Is a tempest born of love, of loyalty unbound,
But in the vast expanse of this realm's defiance,
Sometimes paths diverge, and destinies are found.

Though anger may cloak you in its fiery embrace,
And bitterness may cloud the depths of your sight,
Know that in my heart, there lingers no disgrace,
For in my journey's course, I seek the light.

The bonds we shared, though they now may fray,
Shall forever endure in memory's sacred hall,
And though we walk separate paths, come what may,
The echo of our kinship shall never fall.

So, Queen Stef, though our parting may sting,
Let not the shadows of resentment prevail,
For in the tapestry of fate, each thread must sing,
And our paths, though diverged, shall forever intertwine, without fail.


Hearken unto me, for I shall further illuminate this discourse with the wisdom of the ages! Not only doth the absence of light ships mark folly's bedfellow, but lo, the omission of archers doth compound thy ignorance like a boulder atop a mountain peak!
For what use hath a fleet without the steady rain of arrows to ward off the encroaching foe? As the mighty Achilles bore his shield, so too must our ships be armed with archers to repel those who would dare assail us! Nay, let not the sea become a battlefield unattended, but rather let the whistling shafts of our archers serve as a bulwark against the tempest of war!
Thus, let it be known throughout the halls of Olympus and the realms of mortals alike, that to send forth an armada lacking both light ships and archers is not merely folly, but a testament to the blindness of hubris! May the gods themselves weep at such shortsightedness, for only through the wisdom of foresight and preparation shall victory's laurels be woven.
Ourboros has been completely crushed in their pitiful attack.


I have an update:
Sing to me, O Muse, of the valiant warrior Futboltango, whose loyalty to his cause was as unyielding as the mountains themselves. Yet now, he finds himself ensnared in the tempestuous wrath of QueenSteff, whose heart, once filled with adoration, now brims with the bitter sting of rejection.

It began on a day when the heavens themselves seemed to weep, mourning the love that was never to be. QueenSteff, consumed by her affection for Futboltango, found herself cast aside, her dreams shattered like glass upon the rocks.

Futboltango, steadfast and resolute, stood amidst the fury of QueenSteff's wrath, his gaze unwavering, his heart untouched by her longing. No amount of thunder could shake his resolve, no bolt of lightning could pierce the armor of his indifference.

As the days turned into weeks, QueenSteff's fury grew fiercer, fueled by the agony of unrequited love. Lightning danced across the sky, a testament to the tempest raging within her soul, while Futboltango remained unmoved, a bastion of strength against the storm.

Each morning dawned with QueenSteff's rage echoing across the land, a symphony of sorrow and despair. Yet still, Futboltango stood firm, his loyalty to his cause unwavering, his heart closed to the entreaties of love.

For he knew that to yield to QueenSteff's desires would be to betray his own principles, to forsake the path he had chosen. And so, amidst the chaos of QueenSteff's fury, Futboltango remained steadfast, a beacon of honor in a world consumed by passion and desire.

Though QueenSteff's love burned like a flame, it could not penetrate the armor of Futboltango's heart, for he was a warrior true and faithful to his cause. And as the storm raged on, he stood tall, his spirit unbroken, his resolve unwavering, for he knew that true strength lay not in succumbing to the whims of others, but in standing firm in the face of adversity.


Sing, Muse, of the triumph we've achieved, In Grepolis' realm where valor's conceived. To my allies, brave and true, I raise my voice, For together we've conquered, made the gods rejoice.
With shields held high and swords ablaze, We marched 'neath the sun's relentless gaze. Through battles fierce and trials untold, We fought with valor, for victory bold.
Poseidon, god of seas, we thank thee, For guiding our ships across the raging sea. With waves as our ally, we conquered the shore, And claimed the city that we now adore.
Zeus, mighty ruler of the heavens above, We offer our gratitude and undying love. For your lightning bolts that struck our foes, And paved the path to our triumphant throes.
In the halls of Olympus, our deeds shall be sung, As bards recount the battles we've won. To our fallen comrades, we pay our respects, Their valorous spirits forever erect.
Sing also of FutbolTango's might, In Grepolis' realm, a beacon of light. To the gods of Poseidon and Zeus he vows, Offerings of gratitude, to them he bows.
For defeating the Ouroboros' venomous sting, And to the winds of fate, a twist we bring. Once the aggressor, now they crumble low, As justice unfolds, in a poetic flow.
In the heat of battle, amidst chaos and strife, FutbolTango emerged, carving his life. A phoenix rising from ashes, proud and strong, Defeating adversaries who'd done him wrong.
Richard, once a foe, now dwells in Hades' shade, In Grepolis' saga, his legacy fades. Yet lessons learned, in victory and in woe, For even foes, in time, become allies' bow.
To the gods of Poseidon and Zeus, he'll make his plea, For blessings bestowed, upon land and sea. In Grepolis' realm, where heroes rise, FutbolTango's saga, immortalized.


A new Chapter.

Sing, Muse, of FutbolTango's valiant quest
And how he vanquished Ouroboros' nest.
With comrades bold, he stormed their city's gate,
And sealed the Reaper's fate, decreed by fate.
The night, like a cloak, draped o'er their fight,
As they battled bravely under starry light.
Against the odds, they pressed on undeterred,
Their victory, by the gods, was assured.
Ouroboros, once mighty, now crumbled low,
As Pirates' wit and resolve dealt the blow.
With each triumph, their legend grew in height,
Their foes' despair, a testament to their might.
FutbolTango, with sword and shield in hand,
Led his comrades across the enemy's land.
Their courage, a flame that could not be quenched,
Their victory, a song that the heavens clenched.
Now, as the night's shadows lengthen and grow,
The Reaper's soul to Hades must go.
Forever to wander in the underworld's shade,
For his deeds, in darkness, he must wade.
We offer our thanks to the gods above
, For guiding us with their grace and love.
In this beautiful and poetic victory won,
The tale of Pirates and their triumph is spun.


Sing, Muse, of conquests bold and fair,
Of cities won with valor rare.
For I, inspired by beauty's grace,
Name my conquests in Maria's embrace.
Maria, fairest muse of all,
Her beauty rivals Helen's call.
With Aphrodite's charm she's graced,
In her presence, hearts are embraced.
In tales of old, mortals did yearn,
For goddesses with passions to burn.
Aphrodite's spell they could not resist,
Their fates entwined, in love's sweet twist.
Like Zeus, who to mortal form did bend,
To claim his loves until the end.
So do I, in Maria's name,
Conquer cities, immortalize her fame.
For as the ancients' tales proclaim,
Love for goddesses, an eternal flame.
So too, my conquests, with Maria's might,
Shall stand as beacons in love's pure light.


You know we agreed to a trade of cities because you were with fully equipped and queen Steff and they were not a bad bunch. But you in all your deceit joined the Pirates. All I can say is that you are a worthy Pirate. May you continue in your deceitful and fanciful ways.


Sing, O Muse, of FutbolTango bold,
Whose blade struck fear, whose tale is told.
From sea to shore, his ship did glide,
With strong allies staunch, at his side.
In league they sailed, the pirate's crew,

To seize a city, swift and true.
Ouroboros, a novice band,
Their walls to breach, by Fate's own hand.
With cunning wit and battle cries,
They stormed the gates 'neath stormy skies.
FutbolTango, fierce and free, Led his men and women to victory.
But lo, within the city's keep
From Ouroboros' ranks, he was disdained.
For cowardice and deceit he bore,
Cast out by those who scorned him sore.
Yet in his heart, a fire burned,
For vengeance keen, his soul yearned.
FutbolTango's blade, swift and sure,
Found Rubric's heart, cold and impure.
To Hades' realm, his spirit flew,
As Ouroboros' walls fell true.
Denial gripped their feeble minds, As FutbolTango's alliance binds.
For victory's song, they could not deny,
As Ouroboros faced destruction nigh.
So let it be sung, in epic verse,
Of FutbolTango's daring curse.
With allies strong, he conquered fate,
And left Ouroboros to meet their date.
Listener you should know,
Futboltango is Ouroboros dark nightmare


One more city taken from Ouroboros:
Sing, Muse, of battles fought and cities won,
Of heroes bold and deeds beneath the sun.
FutbolTango, with his valiant alliance of Pirates.
By prowess and by wit, didst make his stand.
Ouroboros, once mighty in their reign,
Now faced the might of FutbolTango's bane.
Their city walls did tremble and did fall,
Before the might of Pirates and Tango's warlike call.
But not without the aid of gods on high,
Athena, with her wisdom, from the sky,
Did guide the spears and shields of Tango's host,
And led them to the victory they boast.
Poseidon, too, with trident strong and true,
Sent forth his waves to aid the naval crew.
The ships of Tango rode upon the tide,
And swept away the foe, their strength belied.
Yet not without a cost, for in the fray,
LuisFerax, warrior bold, did meet his day.
Mortally wounded, his forces scattered wide,
He fell before the might of Tango's tide.
But victory is sweet, and Pirates name,
Shall live forever in the halls of fame.
For with the gods' own aid, he did prevail,
And Ouroboros before him now doth pale.
So raise your voice in praise of Pirates
Whose deeds of valor in the battle's tango,
Have won him glory, honor, and renown,
And placed Pirates in history's golden crown.

Ouroboros ships destroyed lie in the shores Futboltango cities.
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Sing, O Muse, of the valorous deeds of FutbolTango,
A warrior bold, cunning, and swift as the wind's flow.
In the land where the Ouroboros Alliance held sway,
He plotted and plundered, in the light of day.

With guile and craft, he deceived his foes,
Leaving them stunned, in disarray, their ranks in throes.
A city he raided, its treasures he seized,
Leaving behind chaos, and turmoil unappeased.

The Ouroboros, in their naivety, sent forth their might,
Thousands of troops, marching into the night.
But FutbolTango, he laughed in the face of their force,
Knowing their folly, their actions, of course.

For as soon as they left, believing the threat was gone,
He returned with his piracy, with the break of dawn.
Using guerrilla tactics, he struck with precision,
Their overaction tied, their pride in submission.

Again, the city fell, under his cunning hand,
While the Ouroboros watched, unable to withstand.
Their naivete laid bare, their arrogance shattered,
As their once-mighty army scattered and tattered.

But lo, a fellow alliance member came forth,
To claim the spoils, to show their own worth.
And thus, the city changed hands once more,
A tale of cooperation, and war.

Yet amidst the chaos, amidst the strife,
FutbolTango stood, with the joy of life.
For in the end, it was he who triumphed,
And the Ouroboros' downfall, it was not trumped.

So let us thank the gods, in their grace,
For this victory, this positive embrace.
And let us remember humble FutbolTango's name,
For in tales of glory, his shall forever claim.


Sing, O Muse, of Futboltango, valiant warrior blessed by the gods,
Whose feats in battle echoed through the lands,
where heroes trod. In days of yore, when kingdoms clashed and cities fell,
He rose to prominence, under the gods' mighty spell.
Blessed by Zeus, with thunder in his stride, Futboltango journeyed far and wide.
Three cities stood, in turmoil and despair,
Their ruler, a woman of erratic flair.
Arijaa is her name.
Her mood swings led to folly and strife,
Threatening the very fabric of their life.
But the gods had plans for Futboltango's might,
To bring justice to those cities, shining bright.
With spear in hand and courage in his heart,
Futboltango vowed to play his part.
Ares, god of war, looked down with favor,
As the warrior prepared to savor.
The first city, besieged by doubt and fear,
Welcomed Futboltango with cheer.
His valor and wisdom brought hope anew,
As citizens rejoiced, their troubles flew.
The second city, shrouded in gloom,
Saw Futboltango ride through the room.
With strength unmatched and prowess untold,
He vanquished foes, their reign controlled.
The third city, the most troubled of all,
Stood ready to crumble, to its fall.
But Futboltango, with gods' grace bestowed,
Led the charge, the enemy he mowed.
As victory crowned each hard-fought day, T
he erratic ruler's sway began to sway.
Her power waned, her reign undone,
By Futboltango, under the sun.
Now, let us rejoice,
O citizens fair,
For Futboltango has answered our prayer.
With honor and celebrations, let us sing,
Of the valiant warrior, and the triumph he'll bring.
Prosperity and riches, our future's call,
Thanks to Futboltango, who conquered all.
Blessed by the gods, his legend shall grow, In the annals of time, for all to know.

Arijaa;s rules has come to an end
and her existance engulfed by darkness
now marches towards Hades.


O Mr. Kentrail, bearer of tidings dire,
The heavens have decreed, your cities to expire!
An eviction notice from gods divine,
Consider yourself served, heed this sign!

Before your lips meet the dust in defeat,
Retreat, retreat, from your grand seat!
For a humble warrior, lonely and low,
Can bring forth defeat, a crushing blow!

How does it feel, to hear the news,
Your cities revolted, in chaotic ruse?
Ransacked and humiliated by your servant true,
A reminder of power, wielded by few!

Bow before fate, accept what's in store,
For even the mightiest fall to the floor.
In the echoes of conquest, hear my name,
A humble servant, in glory's flame!
Futboltango's friends have dispossed Mr. Kentrail


Sing, Muse, of valiant Futboltango's wit,
Whose spear struck terror in the darkest night.
In tender verse, his deeds we proclaim,
As he conquered Dfrost2002, immortalized in fame.

From distant shores, his ships did sail, T
to Dfrost's walls, where foes did quail.
With thunderous roar and gleaming sword,
He stormed the gates, his victory assured.
The city fell 'neath his relentless siege,

As cries of anguish filled the air, a dirge.
The humble warrior, with courage bold,
Led his men to victory, as legends foretold.
But not alone did Futboltango stand,
For MrMonkeyTennis and Sambr09's hand

Their valorous deeds did aid the fight,
As allies true, they battled through the night.
Oh, mighty gods of Olympus high,
Who watch with awe from the endless sky,
We offer tribute to your divine grace,
For guiding Futboltango in this noble chase.
Hail, Athena, goddess of war and wit,
Who gave our hero strength and grit.
And Ares, god of battles fierce and dire,
Whose fury fueled their righteous fire.

Let us not forget the fallen foe,
Whose cities crumbled 'neath the final blow.
Dfrost2002 may lie in ruin's wake,
His legacy, in verse, forever shall we forget.
So raise your voices in song and praise,
To Futboltango and his gallant craze.
For in the annals of time, his tale shall endure,
A saga of triumph, heroism and artful deception.


Sing, Muse, of Futboltango, bold and wise,
Whose deeds in founding cities 'neath the skies,
With Greek goods celebrated, grandly rise,
To halt the tides of war, his prowess tries.
From shores of Aegean, where ships once sailed,
To lands unknown, his vision never failed.

With wood and silver, his cargo brimmed,
And tales of heroes in his heart were trimmed.
In distant lands where once the pirate's flag
Fluttered with menace, bringing fear and nag,
Now stand the cities, gleaming in the sun,
Where peace and trade have finally begun.

In each new city, temples rise in grace,
To honor olives, ripe with oil's embrace,
To wine, the nectar of the gods they praise,
And to the goods that weave through market's maze.

In Spices' Square, where scents enchant the air,
And Marble Plaza, where artisans fair Craft statues praising gods of land and sea,
Futboltango's legacy forever be.
No longer do the ships clash in the night,
For Futboltango's cities shine with light.
Trade flourishes, and peace now finds its place,
As Greek goods thrive in every market space.

So, let us sing of Futboltango's might,
Who brought prosperity from darkest night,
And founded cities where Greek goods hold sway,
In homage to his glory, we now say.