"Secondary" Alliance


Current Alliance: OFA
Ocean: 36/35
Secondary Alliance: Renegades
Reason: I knew a few of the players. I think they are a pretty well organized alliance. They have grown well and seem to be stable.

I wouldn't really leave OFA, but if it I did it would make geographical sense to join Rens


Current Alliance: Open Source Government
Ocean: 34/44/33
Secondary Alliance: Knights Templar
Reason: They are in the area I'm in already, they do alright. If I were to pick another alliance I wouldn't have founded one tho. Had a few rough spots between 2 major alliances, outlived both of them rather well (I.R.S & Rens in O44). IRS now Reborn, Rens now absorbed into The Enlightened. Hope to outlive them also.

.....till the day we can downvote the bad laws before they become contract.....OSG4LIFE! Downvote monopoly ISP control /w 30 million Canadians, 330 million Americans, upvote fair use and laws that benefit the people.

I'm sure all teams have great players and people, if yer on their good side. ;)


Current Alliance: Iron Imperials Typhon
Ocean: 85
Secondary Alliance: Reapers
Why?: Have been in contact with them lately and they seem very well run. Also I'm sure they will keep growing this way. They have a good mix between aggression and diplomacy.
Will never leave my alliance though.


Current Alliance: Renegades
Oceans: OC35North & OC34South
Secondary Alliance: Aegis or The Exiles
Why?: they're right next door and now they seem to be organized. They both don't back down from a fight and I have fought alongside both in the past.


Current Alliance- 80-DEEP
Oceans 23/33
Secondary Alliance: The Warriors Elite/They Spinx League
Why: Long Story


Current allaince: Yo Serious
Second allaince: Renegades
reason: They are just south location wise, except for Stott, those who I have met (adancr, talion, joey, alterra) seem fairly nice. Also they have some people who I used to be in uNmEek with me befreo I left that world

Alex Stott

lol Inciatus thats cos your on the wrong side if you were you would know better

You Keep What You Kill


Current: Yo Serious
Second: Renegades
Reason: They have got IT together. They know how to fight and they know how to support. And they know how to talk trash. Well some do. (Alex) LOL. I have always respected them even though i may not always agree with them. :)

Alex Stott

well till we meet again as the ever changing world go's on good luck who knows maybe some day we will work together better stay on topic.

Current: ---TRINITY---
second: well couldn't see myself leaving due to the members but if I had to chose it would be to reset up a new one. rather than run under leaders I don't know.

You Keep What You Kill