Seek friends in ocean 75


I am a new player to grepolis. Just get out of beginner protection.

The ocean 75 is like a silent world. No war, no new thread in alliance forum. Very few active players met. I sent 10 messages to neighbors in the same island, no reply at all.


Looking for some active players in ocean 75, have some fun together. I am quite active, team worker, prepared for war at any time.

Gladius Hostis

I´d recommend to become friend with TradeMarc. Except from the fact he´s very active, he´s a nice guy. I know him and I think you will be able to join the Grecian Bloc.

Happy hunting!



i looked you up in the rankings, you lost your city. If you evr want to join back sestos join order of the falcon, we have 100000+ pts and we have really nice and fun members. Our main bases are in 43, 62 and 27-28-17-18