send resources - gold - future update


i hope this is the right forum to post this.
i wanted to ask to the staff/inno if we could have a future update wich allows us to send gold to friends.
let's be honest, players already do it but it's difficult and slow, really slow.
free to play player: "hey im sieging, myths on the way"
pay to win player: "go to market, i buy resources so you can shop comander and phalanx"
the same happens when you are low on gold and you play in red islands. "hey can you please give me 1 or 2k gold so i'm safe and i can shop flingers if need be?"
and that's not a "new thing". before this market in wich you trade "with innogames" it was way, way, way easier.
it was something like this:
free to play player: "hey im making offers 100 wood for 200 gold"
pay to win player: "ok, as soon as i can i accept those"
and you could give your fellow free to play player some gold to have advisors, some "emergency gold" and maybe something for the events.
obviously i can not know if in english servers people are used to this. but we do it every time, those who have gold always help those who do not have. simply because if i shop 50-70k gold a month i lose nothing giving 5k to a friend who has 0... and those 5k gold help him a lot.

all we need is that option, maybe with a limit to 1 or 2k each day, so people dont get hacked and lose 30k gold in a few minutes.

this would not change the game at all. the only difference would be you do not have to wait 30 minutes to trade "with market" and yo do not need 10 cities with max market in order to "give innogames" resources so your pay to win friend can buy those and give you the gold.