server response


Ever since last upgrade I have spent hrs waiting for response from the server...

I actually do not think that o/s, has anything to do with this problem as it was OK before last upgrade.

I.E... too many instances of just the spinning grepolis wheel with no further response. trying to reload chrome, or even any other browser just results in 'Resolving Host'... and then it might or might not reload the game.. this can be triggered by even just asking for any display, such as command screen etc.... some times reloading the browser might have to be 3 or 4 times before it MIGHT happen...

It can happen just after refreshing or can not happen for a while.. so no pattern to it except it didn't happen until after the last upgrade... It can happen just by requesting a different screen, but NOT always...

I can look at and test my internet connection, and see NO problems.. I can load anything else I might want as long as I do NOT select Grepolis first... If I do then I cannot get anything much else either until I rest the browser



man i cant even switch cities or load my barracks for the past 2 days without hitting trouble, having to refresh etc


Same here... I also keep getting an unresponsive script message over and over again

I am using Firefox and Windows 8 but have tried it with Chrome and have had the same problems.....