Sestos Alliance Disciples of Thor


If you are in ocean 74 and looking to join a veteran players alliance
then look no further.
At Disciples of Thor
we stand together for conquest and fun as the game is designed to play.
this link is the pathway to the world
Join with us and expand to new heights. I have a good team established secured in 74
where we are building fast.
My veteran leaders are from Upsilon and we were the #1 alliance there Shadow Guards
some of you may remember. If not then come and see for yourself the brotherhood.
Contact me in game and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
en63 world Sestos is the place to be, BP is getting ready to expire and we are prepared to set the fire.
Thanks all
Adding some important news here we are now 40 members strong and plan on creating our first Academy Alliance. In only 1 week I have been able to establish a tight fitting team willing to commit to growth,therefore our Academy is in plans now for the next few upcoming weeks.
With this said we are now dominating ocean 74 and moving into 64 and the northern bordered ocean 73.
Join us if your new and or a veteran if you are nearby.
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Try and give more information...

There thats decent, you should try Thebes though, most serious people already joined this world.
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