Sestos (EN63) - Premade - Apocalyspe


Introduction -
I will be creating a premade alliance on the new upcoming world, Sestos (EN63). Members wanting to join the alliance must choose the north-west direction on start-up. An application form is required to enter so message me and I'll put you on the Roster list.

Application -
How can you help?:
Offense or Defense?:

What I need -
-1 Co-Founder
-2 Higher Council (Leaders)
-3 Council Members
-2 Forum Moderators
-1 Diplomat
-2 Recruits

Roster -
-Al00090 (Founder)

Rising Legacy

The settings aren't even out at this stage, so it's doubtful anyone will join this just yet. You're better off waiting for the settings to be released.

Nonetheless good luck with this =]


Way to many leader roles. All you need is a few forum mods, and recruiter, diplomat, and maybe your diplomat can be your co-founder... You could use a few council members, but you can't have half your alliance being leaders.