Shame on Rogue

King Beast

I agree that we have players that are a little chaotic but there are times when it is effective.
I should also mention that a 5KP player (who has been posting these reports here) sent 254 bimeres to try to break my siege of his city.

So there are free BP all around.

That player was me... Hands up

It was my support returning from that city, just a miss time and felt generous...
I mean what else can you do with them they only disappear.

I wouldn't send biremes to attack
I was very drunk but wasnt that drunk ;)

Although i did beat a SteamRoller colony with biremes :p

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i think i might have let them disappear rather than give away cheap BPs, but that's just me :p
plus i'm not that drunk

King Beast

Yeah i know that sober, but after a skin full and a over stretch power nap..

It was like
"oh no,, dam il just send anyway and hope my attacks before got lucky.."

lol!! like i told the Miss Beast "Im never drinking again"


I was suprised when the bimeres came in.

What was with all the bimeres that came after one at a time?

King Beast

yeah they where my trip wires, in other members citys from that city.

i just thought id pull them all, if anything it will look confusing..


lol, i guess there was always the off chance that he might see a load of incomings and pull the CS out :p


You forgot to mention Praetorian Elite. They are not a silent partner in thisfight:)

You only say this because your in the core!

I see this game like capture the flag and the core is the flag. Every alliance would like to rule the the core(I would imagine) I mean come on!! It's a war game! Rogue seem to like the weak, the safe option.

Now Gamma, that was a great world to be in, Grepohug v's Fusion and Carp! Now thats a fight:)