Shame on The Blood Ravens


when we were at war against BS and CS there was only the crimson empire....thats 1 alliance....not 20 branches, just 1 alliance!

so how were there many of us?


you deserve credit for that but if you are so good then you should be demolishing FC/RS; who while still good, arent as good as Black Shadows or Confederate States


it takes time to move around the world...with players going into VM then it takes even longer :(

as i said before...our troops are ready and they want to end this lil streak FC have we shall let our troops do the (SW) and stop the :pro::pro:



tell me this, if crimsons are so poor then why are we still standing when we were at war with blackshadows, confederate states now against FC/RS?
You guys started long before FC/RS were around. I think BS were just finishing as we started. We were just a small rim alliance when you were fighting them.

yes RS/FC have taken cities from us, but look at those players they are weaker members compared to those who are attacking them
When YOU started this war your leaders did not take into consideration their smaller members that they failed to protect. When fighting in this game we tend to move from island to island rather than trying 24hrCS journeys. Our biggest players only had 20cities when this war started so we was not much bigger.

if RS/FC had a 1 on 1 against a member the same size as them, they would lose...espcially to those who standing after 2 wars:
We have already been through this. There are very good players on both sides. This game is a team based game and as a team you do not work very well together. It is true that Crimsons have some very good players who would be welcomed into FC in an instant. It is very easy to move up fast in the def bp ranks but to do that and NOT lose cities is not easy at all and that is what our guys are doing, the same could not be said for you.

I am glad you have decided to join us in the public forum but alot of what you have spoken about has already been talked about, maybe you missed those posts. Pls stick around like Cabz has and enjoy the banter. As for the Crimsons taking the fight back to us, that is something we have been hearing you say for a very long time and we are still waiting to see the results.

If and when PE meet with RS/FC lets say they hand our back to us on a plate we will congratulate them. Since this war started FC have gained over 70 cities from Crims whilst only loosing around 5 the least you could do is recognize that rather than try to dismiss us as bullies :pro: