Should we be allowed to restart even in Beginner's Protection?


Well, what I was thinking was, in this era of the new Gold Exchange, different oceans have different markets, and I had to restart due to my city being conquered, but that wasn't the issue, except the game plopped me in a relatively new ocean with an extremely small market compared to the one I had in my original city. Why must we wait until Beginner's Protection is over before we can restart? I know one can prematurely end BP by attacking, but in a new ocean everyone else has BP so I can't break free that way. This period of waiting results in lost revenues, so why do we have to wait? I'd like to hear your opinions on this, whether you think restarts should not be limited by BP or otherwise.


Waiting period of sorts makes sense given the idea of restart an account as quick as it can be loaded into a webpage or on an app to do it.
Which as the years go by should be faster and faster.


You can restart even if in BP...First you need to attack someone on the island. A message will pop up saying that should you "do so" you will forego your BP. Click ok and continue. Then you can restart.


Its so that people cant restart day 1 to create ghosts, and get cities on FV islands.