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Thomas The Magnificent

Here is where you nominate certain Sigma posters to achieve the greatest honour... +rep

Sigma Personality Contest Rules:

You may nominate only 3 people
Only players in Sigma eligible to vote on the outcome.
No bribing people with +rep. If such tactics are discovered, you will be disqualified from the competition.
Campaigning is allowed. You can make threads about why you should vote for ________

1)Player is nominated by individual.
2)Player is Seconded again by individual.
3)The player then becomes a candidate for that month.
4)The first 10 (or less) people to get nominated twice are entered into the final poll.
5)Nominations close 3 days from opening.
5)Final Poll lasts 3 days at the end, the winner will be announced.

The prize for the winner is as follows.
1) +Rep for the winner from all entrants
2) Bragging rights.

Creds to Mike62 and Jarpenguin.

People Through:
Thomas The Magnificent
The Chosen 0ne
Sapphire Sorrows
Baudin Toolan
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The Chosen 0ne

Vote For TC0!

My vote: WARCHIMEDES , Gulio, lycanmaster. :p

and me! me! me! me me memememe!
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I have a lot to say about this thread, but I will wait until the nominations are selected.

I will nominate Sapphire Sorrows and Baudin Taulin(Spelling?)


Thomas is most probably the only one that deserves to be nominated ;) The other two could be myself and again, myself :O

Thomas The Magnificent

This poll is closed, a new one will be opened soon.