Sigma Newspaper! #3


First off - Happy Halloween to you all! I wish you all a chilly and spooky night of festive trick or treating!

Now onto the paper!!
Its been long in coming I know but many things have happened haven't they? Many alliances merged, Disbanded and are falling apart at the seams. Many players are in VM and others are coming out of VM to just become dead weight.

As I did with the WoE newspaper I will take things from a DN perspective but for certain reasons (Name Changes, Disbandment or ect.) I will be naming the paper the Sigma paper from this point on. It will make things easier and possibly allow me to take this paper in any direction I see fit.
So we will have a few sections: Ocean News/Wars, Interviews and Final Comments. Here and there I will end up adding anything else I figure in or if I have suggestions then I will try and take those into advisement as I make the next issue. I would like to hear what is going on in your ocean so please message me ingame so that I can include different oceans then just 55 and around it.

The Enlightened
No Name
Titans of Phoenix
South East Syndicate
Guardians Of Asgard
-Black Watch-
The Twenty
Hammer of Thor

With many alliances merging or falling apart we have begun to see many falling and rising to the ranks they are currently. From a DN perspective it appears that SES is falling in 55 and is losing members to inactivity. MBWS has also started to see a lot of members go into VM and put them in a slight disadvantage. The Enlightened are losing members to inactivity. Some say BW are dying. Other then that I really dont know much about the others but will find out more for the next issue! Perhaps a speaker for those alliances in the top 15 would like to come forward for a quick word on how things are currently going?

My congrats goes to Borntoqueen for being the top ranked player in Sigma!

I caught up with our friend Lazerus24, Ranked Second in Sigma, for a little interview!
Hows it like to be one of the top ranking players in Sigma right now?
1. It is fun being a top ranked player, and getting more fun every day.

Is being a top ranking player more pressure then just being a strong player?
2. No, It is just more time consuming managing all of the cities.

How did you get to where you are now?
3. I got here by logging in everyday and working with my Alliance, and not trying to do it all on my own.

Is there any advice you would give others?
4. First off have fun, next make sure that you work well with others and help do tasks that you volunteer for. Also communicate you needs so that everyone can understand. IE if you need support follow the guides and follow up with mails to the players closest to you.

If you need help attacking do the same but start with mails and then go to the forum.

Also help out your Alliance by taking cities for sale to increase your cities to attack with or support with.Long term support is a good thing from cities in a safe area.

But the most important thing is to have fun and not let the game take over your life. :)


Second Addition (Not Enough Room)

Ocean News/Wars:

DN is still fighting the good fight against the majority of alliances around them but holding out quite well. In some areas of the map they have even started to make real leaps or headway into the war fronts. Things will begin to change for others if they cant hold out against this machine of disaster and it wont be a change for the better if you know what I mean. ;)
Most other alliances are really only fighting DN as far as I have heard. There might be a few other skirmishes but by what I have heard DN seems to be the main enemy against anyone else in the mix.
Who will fall first against the beast that is DN? Find out next issue!! :pro:

As it was before I will have interviews from pretty much anyone willing. That means it will have enemies, Unknowns, Big players, Allies and anyone else that wants one. Due to the abruptness of this idea of bringing back the paper I only have a few for you to read but will promise more next issue!

junkin/DN -
How do you think the war is going against the enemies of DN? Which enemy are you fighting the most?
1. I am not acquainted with all the enemies so i cant say much other than looking at the command tab and seeing how well we fare, how we have more successes than failures. I can state that on the eastern front the battles where easier at start when there were lots of alliances full of sim players. Now, SeS seem to be more of a match and they are mixed with NN players in the south-eastern frontier which cause more pressure. As fewer and fewer active players stay around, it will be difficult to hold back NN on that front and the Southern front. What i would like to add is that throughout the game diplomacy was a big factor and i think the leaders have managed to make good and well-timed pacts to help our progress and buildup. I am optimistic that we will eventually make more moves to help stay ahead in the game and ultimately win this world.

How are the War Fronts going in your opinion?
2. not too bad except front with NN. almost ALL the strong players at this front left the game and it affected the war with NN. till then we had the upper hand.

What has been your favorite battle so far?
3. i owe lots of my cities to my dear enemy 2good4me. i had 2 cities - he had 5 cities. he tried to kill me off - i tried to get into DN but was refused. now i am in DN and stronger than 2good4me.

What was your biggest loss so far?
4. fortunately this is the only world i lost cities. all few cities lost in this world where to The Mogul and only him.

What do you see for DN in the coming weeks?
5. depends how many will still leave the game. if people stop leaving DN will continue to rule the world. cant wait for World Wonders.

Mrs.Sativa/NN -
How did No Name get into a war with DN?
1. Well if I am right the war started due to DN trying to conquer our members because we were smaller then them.

How is the war against DN going in your opinion?
2. The war against DN is going great for us,We have not lost any city lately and I am sure it will stay like that.Have a few Dn members here in ocean 46 trying to fight to stay.

Even though we may be kicking butt in ocean 46 DN seems to be holding their own against the others.Seen one alliance has done offered a cease fire with them ;p

Looked at DN stats and have not even seen TE or BW take a DN city for awhile now :(

In the coming weeks what do you see for No Name?
3. I see No Name still fighting DN removing any Dn city from ocean 46.The founders and leaders do a great job and leading this alliance and getting everyone to work as a team

Would the war with DN ever end or are you out for blood?
4. Well really can't answer this one by myself.
But I really dont see us stopping until they fall like DBD.

hamster360/DN -
Who is DN fighting right now?
1. I think the shorter list is who we are not fighting right now. But for the most part we're fighting No name, Guardians of asgard, The Enlightened, Black Watch, MBWS, SES, Unified.

What do you think about all the enemies DN is facing currently?
2. I think that they are holding there own the best they can. People tend to think it is simply alliance vs alliance. What they don't realize is that our 27 XXX XXX points is spread over 9 oceans. It is only a small pocket of our players in each war. The enemies are doing there best, and making it fun for us.

Did joining ranks with WoE hurt DN in anyway? How did it help?
3. I don't think it hurt really. It drew us into war with MBWS, but that was bound to happen anyways. I think it helped a lot though. It allowed our 2 alliances to work as one. We had similar goals, but now we don't have to deal with stepping on each others toes, and it has elimated one step of communication.

How are the War Fronts going in your opinion?
4. Each is going different. Our different groups are all doing there best, but right now Ocean 55 and 45 are doing great. 46 and 35 need a little bit of work.

What do you see for DN in the coming weeks?
5. A lot of the same as now. WAR. It's what we're good at :)

Who do you think will be the first enemy to fall before DN?
6. I think it is getting late in the game to disband an alliance. They will most likely flee to other oceans. I think UNIFIED or SES will be first to fall.


Third Addition (Not Enough Room)

paras/SES -
How is the war against DN going?
1. Its growing into an interesting war, DN has definately thrown down the challenge with the spurt they've taken our cities, but activity is coming back, and some of us are getting our lazy asses back in front of the machine.. So it will be a very interesting war to follow in all fronts for at least a few months more..

Did WoE joining up with DN hurt you at all?
2. I wouldnt say hurt. Our war with DN started mainly because of the WoE players who joined DN, and its really just a continuation of the old war.. same old faces.. just a new banner..

Would this war ever end or are you out for blood?
3. I dont see the end of the war in the near future. Of course there has been no animosity towards each other alliances like it had been built earlier in the war with woe, but i suppose that has more to with players maturing up and being civil in game..
I wouldnt want the war to end, as at the end of the day, i play grepolis to have a fun fight.. If DN were not the best for us to fight against, i would not fight them..

How's things in SES going currently?
4. Things are going good.. we'd all taken it easy after woe split up, but now that the war with DN seems to be finally catching our collective attention, we're getting to see a lot of movements in the ranks again..

In the coming weeks what do you see for SES?
5. I see war, war and yet some more war..

darkpsyd/SES -
How is the war against DN going?
1. To be honest, I don't even know if we have a war with D.N.... I gues it's a no. I can understand the fight with the Ex-WoE players who are now with D.N and this isn't going as we'd liked considering how laid back attitude we've gotten into which is apparent.

Who Is SES fighting right now?
2. As the above said, we're fighting the same old group of WoE lads from D.N. Same old war, same old story. :)

What are your thoughts on DN and how is SES different?
3. D.N is smooth sailing at 27,333,653 points. I actually had to read up them before replying to this because I've never followed their game. I'm so far off as well location wise that it never made any sense to keep track. Difficult to say but what I gather is continuous "activity" has been consistent with D.N whereas we're not consistent, esepcially with our daily activity. We're good players but consistency lacks.

How's things in SES going currently?
4. The SES still seems to be in vac. mode right now after the break up of WoE. I've actually had to come out of this 4 day Vac. mode today (Which I presumed would have been a week at least) to get things moving again. Unfortunately we've had folks go into vac mode and not return which has been our main cause of hurt because that's enabled D.N to grab cities.

In the coming weeks what do you see for SES?
5. A lot of thinking, restructuring, figuring out who's consistent and who's not, who to let go off, who to keep, maybe a change in the player front-lines, recruitment of experienced players... a merge maybe. Technically that's a call Paras or Ryche would have to take and finalize but this is my take on what could probably happen if things are going as they currently are.


Dalmasio/TE -
How is the war with DN going in your opinion?
1. It's going okay, but being honest I'm not concerned with it. Unless either side can take 300 cities etc from each others oceans nothing massive will happen.

Would this war ever end or are you out for blood?
2. I don't think this war really ever kicked off to begin with. As you've probably been seen from having about 88 players to going down to about 50+ we've had alot of people leave the game, so we had to use up lots of slots to take up their cities. We're cool with that as things like this happen and need to be done. So with regards to will this war end? I dunno, probably will. In truth no-one in TE really cares, Neither side will win, and we have no real gain. The war came from me disagreeing and not liking jomango. However, since war started jomango actually did a nice thing for me when he didn't have to so he's not all bad I guess. It's just a case of miscommunication I guess. But out for blood? Nope, making a war personal ruins the game and that's all it is.

Did WoE joining DN hurt your alliance any?
3. No not at all, infact for me it was nice to see some good players still in the game.

In the coming weeks what do you see for The Enlightened?
4. Same old Same old. Just plodding along doing our thing :)

How are things going in The Enlightened Currently?
5. Good I think, things are going well. I think we've finally created an alliance that has reached a a good balance now.

Thanks Dal.

(Follow Up Question)
As you said with players leaving and now seeing TE down to 52 members do you believe TE may go the way WoE did? WoE had a lot of trouble with players leaving and losing that strength and also trying to keep off against so many enemies. Do you think that TE may be another sighting of the same downfall WoE had?
6. I don't know, maybe? I haven't thought about it and people are still having fun. I have no problems of TE vanishing into obscurity. I try not to worry to much about a world where you're considered "awesome" or "powerful" simply because you spend too much time infront of a 2D world. I read somewhere that someone had 250 conquests - and was using that statistic as something to be proud a real life achievement. ??? REALLY??? So if TE vanished and it meant that people spent more times with their friends and family....then tbh I think it would be good, but as long as the guys are having fun TE will be around. When people get bored and it no longer becomes fun - then TE will vanish and then 1 week down the line no-one will care. In truth - only those that see this as a game at not a life goal will actually win and those that have already left.....they have probably already won :)

Extra Comments:
Well that about sums up this issue folks. Next one will be better and bigger! I would like to take this chance to thank those that accepted the invite to stick around for a few words and allow me to interview them. I also have a position opening up for an assistant interviewer to possibly do interviews on the rankings and help with the ocean news. If anyone wishes to apply for this position please message me.

Thanks and hope you enjoyed!
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you certainly did not give any notice to the other allliances to come forward with news - perhaps more than a few hours notice before closing with only one side of the story was the objective but it certainly does not show the clearest of picture


you certainly did not give any notice to the other allliances to come forward with news - perhaps more than a few hours notice before closing with only one side of the story was the objective but it certainly does not show the clearest of picture
Actually derek did a great job on the interviews;)


He messaged DN and the main alliances against DN for the interviews

There was no real big question in here.Just really an update on what is going on in the DN war and the main alliances against them :cool:

Most other alliances are really only fighting DN as far as I have heard. There might be a few other skirmishes but by what I have heard DN seems to be the main enemy against anyone else in the mix.
Hopefully when the world wonders kick in.More wars will break out because the worlds are more exciting with more alliances out their fighting and lots of action happening.


I agree that the article was great - however he did ask for other players / leaders / movers and shakers to chime in and yet only interviewed three or four players and I hope the next article has a little more time to run more opinions



Yes he had a hard time thinking of what players to message,and I was kinda rushing him :D


lol, You werent the only one wondering when I would be done. :)

I promise next time I will get a few more interviews. Maybe I will Mass Mail the top 15 alliances and ask for interviews. :D


Nobody mass mailed us, ;)

Titans of Phoenix is just doing what we've been doing from day one. We've wrapped up a couple small conflicts we'd been having for a week or so. And we've been kind of busy dealing with an issue that may result in damaging one of our longest standing pact, I hope not but it seems a lack of leadership has developed in a particular alliance, but we're giving them a chance to fix the problem.

Other than that, not a ton going on. Lost a couple members who went inactive. Pretty much routine.

aman alvi

Mrs sativa if u guys didnt loose any city to d.n. than, who was those 5 cities i took from. well u said recently,

so what abt north 3 and bull dog. I wont say name of player, because one guy i took a city from is a good


5 cities i took from no name are all within 3 days to 2 weak.. p.s be truthful hehe.


Mrs sativa if u guys didnt loose any city to d.n. than, who was those 5 cities i took from. well u said recently,

so what abt north 3 and bull dog. I wont say name of player, because one guy i took a city from is a good


5 cities i took from no name are all within 3 days to 2 weak.. p.s be truthful hehe.
:D aman I was interviewed by him before you guys had taken any cities so :p

It was about two later that we loss those cities


hey csrieker you're back. I thought you'd quit playing. As to that "alliance" don't give them a second chance. They are saying you smell and your sister is ugly. Go trick or treating on them and bring the rotten eggs.

Edit: you will make it into the next newspaper if you do
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What happened to the Enlightened?
Enlightened broke up and merged a few times, the closest alliance to it is Titans hammer. However most of the enlightened players i fought against are all gone, so I am not sure if any original englightened players are left.