Sim city

Hasan Naqvi

Due to the serious lack of good alliances, I am compelled to make one! A one of its kind, Sim City.

Alliance profile:
We may not be elite,
We may not be called veterans,
We may not be the best,
We may not win,
And we definitely are not sparta!​

Yet, we are active, and sim and build our cities. We also defend them, and will knock out anyone who dares advance towards them.

Quite too often, we will give up our simming, and come for your cities. BE READY!

Contact : Hasan Naqvi
for an invite.

For diplomacy, send a pact request without any messages.

Any other issues, we won't bother. You are free to contact "Support" and file a biased complain.
As of yet, the alliance is quite small, but we have the rank 18 player.(Hint: he is the only founder)

The alliance is currently based in o45, and is open to ALL, who want to play with us. Simming is NOT discouraged, as long as simming is NOT the sole thing you do.
Join the world and alliance