Top 12 Sink and Swim Series by MeI

Evil MeIinoe

Mei's Sink and Swim Chapter 1
Part 1

Hello, and welcome to my personal sink and swim series chapters where I will be discussing the world events and our current competitors across all four oceans. As this is a domination world, I will briefly touch up on positioning as well in a few rare cases. In addition, this series isn't always about facts, instead it's also here to raise a few eyebrows and to make you question some scenarios and certain situations. My goal is to make sure you enjoy the read and my format so if you disagree with anything, lets discuss it calmly and lets not bring the claws out this early on, really don't want a repeat of the last server Elis; the not so nice server, possibly the worse one I played on!-.-

Anyway, I will be putting my usual disclaimer down below as I tend to make those series pretty long. Also, there may be some tiny bits of sass here and there; throughout those series.



If you're still reading past the disclaimer it means you passed the test within you and you're willing to read for roughly 15-20 minutes and Squishy approves. I will also include a map at the end to round out the positioning side of things so it will all make sense. Lastly, please note that English isn't my first language so please ignore the questionable grammar in some places. Don't pick your nose (@VIRTUALSELF ) , stay safe, grab a cup of tea (because it's superior to coffee) and lets begin!

1. Event Horizon - Big Boom/Big Swim.

Oo the Horizon good old Horizon. If you're here just for a read and aren't following, this group is my alliance so the information is bound to be extremely one sided. To start things off, as things stand out group is 1st in both the ranking points as well as the offensive battle points and we're aiming to keep this up. If we look at Horizon and their positioning directly, we can see that this group is looking to control 54 after the chewed through Wolf Pack as well as showing high presence in ocean 44 as both them and Riches seem to be going after anything but each other, especially Inconsistent Consistents who have suffered the most declining and falling extremely quickly to both parties; which begs the question, are Riches and Horizon working together? Perhaps; or perhaps not, that is for you, the reader to figure out. Horizon seem to have the strongest core of all alliances when it comes to numbers, with almost 350 cities in ocean 54 building a solid core as well as being first in ocean 44 as well if we look at it from the mathematical point of view. I do believe there is another team that may be positioned slightly better to a certain extent but it's a very close call. But yeah, enough talk about this lot otherwise they'll end up being more big headed! :p
Shout out to Del for bringing absolute fire to the server being our number one of the server. Also, shout out to Virtual for dragging me into this server, retirement not allowed it seems as Princess Kuini also got dragged in by her team!

2. Rich and Famous - Big Swim.

Speaking of Princess Kuini, here we are visiting their team and a group which I like to refer to as Riches as they had a similar nickname on Eretria I believe if I remember correctly. If there is one competitor that could challenge Horizon in the future for dominance it's this lot, I praised this group a lot in the past and I believe they have one of the strongest roasters on the en server besides maybe Fiasco and obviously Stooges from Pseria! I believe this group has possibly the best positioning for now and for future dominance but it's a close call between them and Horizon. The reason I say that is because their core is practically the boarder of 44/45 whereas the Horizon core is a little more one sided with Riches forming a wall to block off a large portion on 44 away from Horizon. As things stand, Horizon are top when it comes to city count but I suspect that will change as they block the ocean off, they will have way more cities to pick up in the western waters of 44. I would say the ocean will be split 66%/33% in favor of Riches based on the blockage being formed. I do believe they have an ace up their sleeve as well with a few buffers being around in the shadows keeping their heads down. I would say their buffer group is Cede Maiori to be exact, a small group which they had on Eretria helping them which was lead by Khaos if I remember correctly; I believe a similar thing is going on here. Lastly, if that is the case I believe Cede Maiori would become their support group in the future, as there can only be one winner this would be their second group which aims to support the main group to establish dominance and to win the server. Furthermore, I predict they will pick up DeathrowSRT as well at some point in the game. I do believe this group has a few hot heads but with their excellent leadership I believe it won't be a problem. Ooo I know I said lastly a long time ago but one more thing, statistics wise; they're 2nd when it comes to both point ranking and offensive rankings just to let the statistic readers know!

Shout out to Princess Kuini and JungleBear, as always pleasure to see you both on a server and also a shout out to @muhvi I know you do like reading externals so I thought I'd tag you. Tiny bits of water under the bridge on Elis but I hope we can go mushroom picking in peace without "you who must not be named;" if you know, you know.

3. Only Ares - Swim.

Only Ares, good old Only Ares, by far my favorite group on the server besides my own lot. I have a lot of respect for Riches but this lot has a special place in my heart, as I played with them on Elis where we won. This is a mixture of Only Fans players and Disciples from Elis and boy, do I know this group has talent. There's been a lot of ups and downs however on this server in the beginning and I believe so people got the wrong idea across all alliances, including Horizon players. People use to think this lot is pacting with everyone to go after Horizon, a huge coalition so they say; which seems to be false as well, Horizon hasn't lost a town yet and well, their defensive rank can back that up with them being 3rd with rather low and rigid defensive points. Anyway, I believe this group and another, which I will touch up on later are considered as dark horses or at the very least, they will play a big part in who wins this server if it turns out not to be a 3+ headed race. Also, just to polish off the last point about them mass pacting, I believe Ares dropped to gold at first. Do I believe they're now here to stay? Absolutely, and I also think there is no pacts besides one, those pacts i the beginning were there to gold in peace but that's just my take on it. I believe they have an agreement in place with Shadow Kings and that's about it as there is no indications in the statistics that they're fighting each other and also, both groups met on Elis who had respect towards one another even though they were on different terms back then. I believe this group has huge talent and huge potential to race for dominance because I think 55 is the most competitive ocean. If the top players were to play at 100% I really think Riches and Horizon would struggle. I played in ocean 55 twice and won twice, and once again I think the ocean has the most talent whereas the other oceans are more limited to recruitment for both Horizon and Riches. For example, in 54 I would say Black Dawn has potential which is a small sample of players whereas in 55 there is talent in Shadow Kings, group which always sticks, there are players such as Crapulescu leading another group, and of course there is Cede Maiori as well, and if they have no links to Riches well, there's another separate group with potential. Ocean 55 is definitely really exciting with a lot of good players, don't under mind that ocean they could have the players to race for dominance if the groups were to unite against the top guns in number one and two those being Horizon and Rich & Famous.

Evil MeIinoe

Part 2
4. Enigma Freedom - Sink.

Here we go, visiting our first sink team on the list and well, I believe they will sink extremely quickly as this group has 3 wings and is split between 45, 54 and 55. All those oceans have a main competitor and I don't think they will raise and get anywhere with so many players scattered, I think they will die out quickly with some players surviving through joining other teams if they prove themselves. That's about it on this group, apologies if I sound so negative but I can't see much future for the Enigma triplets but hey, prove me wrong! If they focus on one ocean this group could have a chance but as things stand, too much scatter and too much ground to cover; they lost a lot of cities and I think more will be lost.

5. Shadow Kings - Float --> Future Swim.

The Kings, good old Kings, another group returning from Elis and another group which both me and Squishy really like. Outside of Black Dawn on Elis, I believe this is very respectful group which we were at war with with mutual respect which can't be said about our main competitor back in the Elis days. I believe this group will stick around like they always do on each server but I believe they have a chance to race for a win if they have a good relationship with Only Ares because they're in a good position when it comes to map positioning. I set them as float for the moment because I'm only assuming they're working with Ares/have an agreement which isn't 100% confirmed but my gut tells me that's in place. This group is excellent when it comes to defending and if they're working with Ares, the LTS strategy can be extremely useful (turtle Mei loves her LTS tables.) As the server grows it will become more clear what their relationship is like with Ares and I believe it will come to a stage where I can confirm a swim in the future.

Shout out to Welshy, it's really good to see you back, stay positive and strong Mr, always a message away!

6. The Geriatric Pole Dance - Slow Sink.

Another little group with ocean 55 being their main homeland with a reasonable amount of talented players as well. I may be a little one sided but I do think they will eventually fall to Only Ares as they have lost around 11 cities so far in the pact 3-4 days which is a rather steady pace. I do believe they have some exciting players such as Achimedes, Crapulescu, Barbar13 and a few others which are all capable of holding their own. I predict that at some point those players will merge into Ares, especially if Only Ares gives it a 100%. With that being said, I do see this group as a challenge for Ares. Crapulescu knows how to lead a ship, and he will do best by his team hence why I believe that Crapulescu's group will fight under the same banner as Only Ares at some point in the server.

I think for the time being, this concludes the main teams I wanted to cover as I can't see The Chosen Rising and The Outlaws swimming or challenging their competitors in their oceans. A lot of in-actives seem to be in both parties and they've both been losing cities at a steady rate. However, I do have a couple honorable mentions to cover which I will briefly cover down below.

Evil MeIinoe

Part 3
Honorable Mention 1. Black Dawn - Float.

As I mentioned before, this is one of the groups I have a lot of respect for from Elis, and it's a talented small group which always keeps their word. I think this group will stick with us and I do think they will play a big role in the near future unless they get eaten by Horizon or Riches. I think diplomatically, they have been excellent in the past and they always play their cards right. I think from small groups, this is the one to keep an eye on, a lot of talent, communication and skill although, they did lose Moon Breathing to Horizon and Alku to Riches so who knows? Or, perhaps they're working with both of those teams? Time will tell.

Honorable Mention 2. Cede Maiori - Float.

Again, just to make it clear all honorable mention groups get a float status due to their sizes and potential lack of information. But I strongly believe this group is working/has a deal with Riches as mentioned before and even if they aren't, I believe Riches will pick them up at some point. I believe this group will focus on Enigma and the 45/55 boarder to make sure Ares don't hit Riches from the south/the under belly in the future; maybe hit is the wrong word, show presence in 45 may be the correct wording. Not much more to say, I think this is a good little group which will stay on this server on way or another.

Map & Positioning:

Keep in mind the thoughts and ideas here are based on my research and also, based on speculation or is it? That will allow you to think about the future nicely reader! There will be two spoilers, one explaining which color represents a certain alliance and the other spoiler will have the actual map with shapes to show my ideas and the on going events inside this wonderful server.

Alliance Colors:


Map & Information:


That is all for today's chapter, thank you to everyone who made it this far and I hope this read brightened up your day ever so slightly at the very least. Lets discuss things down below in a nice, friendly and calm manner. Also, I know I said it before but please look past my bad grammar, this piece took a look time and excuse me for having a separate post on the forums, I always done it this way as I like to title stuff my way with the blessing of our moderators allowing me to do so.



This is Mei, signing out.

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2nd good read, definitely worth the wait
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