Top 12 Sink or Swim+Discussion


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well... time for my first sink or swim ever methinks. must be the rum talking.

1: QoQ to win. Swim. (P.S. try typing qoq in text to speech and have a laugh. Great value entertainment.)
2: Eviction Notice going down. Sink. (Never thought I'd say that!)
3: Eviction-Notice now stronger looking than main branch but still.... See #2
4: WIB hanging tough. Swim, but there will be tough times ahead so we shall see.
5: Name changers untested as yet. Swim, but again, tough times ahead no doubt.
6: The HAMMER .. what to say.. Can't seem to stop TUATHA growing but neither are they seriously threatened. Probably end up swimming into WW with EN's refugees.
7: TUATHA surviving for now but if EN does crumble and members shift attention to aiding HAMMERs it will be all over for these pixies. Sink.
8: Hounddogs showing more growth in the past month than either of the main 2 EN branches despite being targeted constantly. Not bad for a bunch of players originally seen as EN's rejects. Nevertheless just a part of the crumbling empire. Sink.
9: Independent fighting a long but losing battle. Sink.
10: Blood Thirsty .. see # 4
11: BlAcK AnArChY being ignored by stronger alliances for now but not seriously in the race. Sink.
12: Independent 2 BN .. see # 9
Good thing your not a weather forcaster !!! Gloooaaaaat!!! Woot!! Woot!!