Top 12 Sink or Swim Discussion

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Where is the troll?? He hasnt been this quiete for a long time..
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1. Panic Attack - sunk, low.
2. Roman Republic - long extinct.
3. Bambi - the real Bambi should sue for defamation of character.
4. Redneck Avengers - swim
5. JungleBook - better than Bambi.
6. Repossession Agents- swim
7. Trespassers - with holding judgement for now.
8. blood wood forest - sink
9. Fully equipped - no idea, but they're equipped.
10. Impervious Bast* swimming
11. Dark Fire - no idea
12. Band of Brothers - um still to be decided/worked out


1 Panic Attack Sink

If I was an experienced player in this alliance I would be asking myself what im doing here. Their diplomat has made a fool of this alliance by sending out Pact requests to every alliance for what reason? Because for self preservation in this world. They have created a Coalition because they cant stand on there own 2 feet. Not the founders fault i might add but the Diplos. They are using Other alliances to protect themselves, Others to do the dirty work for them.


This could be a good alliance, depending which route they take. The have Repossession Agents in their ocean so could be an interesting fight going forward.

3 RedNeck Avengers

No Comment

4 Bambi Sink

They have all ready been brought to the Butchers also see Panic Attack review

5 Repossession Agents Swim

These guys know how to play grepo and should be the leading force in 055. When they get started they wont hold back on any alliance in their way

6 Jungle Book Sink

Part of this coalition and will be used as mercenaries. I see loggers approaching to rip down their forrest.

7 Fully Equipped Elite Float for now

Im guessing they are still in BP. Depending on what route they take will decide their faith

8 Trespassers Sink

Could get murdered in their ocean.

9 Bloodwood Forest Sink

I dont think they will be up for a fight but we will see

10 Impervious B*stards Swim

These guys and girls know how to play and should be able to control there oceans easily

11 Dark Fire Needs Arm bands

To early to tell

12 Dynamic Needs Arm bands

Too early to tell
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Congratulations to Bambi for hitting the top spot in the DBP rankings....


1. Panic Attack

166 927 points (1st)
99 members (1st)
1 686 point average (3rd)

10 596 ABP (2nd)
4 723 DBP (2nd)
15 334 TBP (2nd)​

Their stats seem good but they seem to be too spread out around O54, no real core. I recognise a few people there but you can surely expect a disband soon enough as mat will probably leave sooner or later. I heard they are leading a coalition against Redneck Avengers, it reminded me of Zancle with a coalition formed against .......... .

My prediction is that they will have a heart attack and disband, SINK


155 824 (2nd)
94 (2nd)
1 658 (5th)

8 305 ABP (3rd)
3 701 DBP (3rd)
12 006 TBP (3rd)​

they also have good stats but I think a small coalition has been formed against them too, with Repossession Agents int he same ocean it will be a fierce battle being attacked from two sides. They are in better positions than PA but with a few of their members all alone in O45 they will have to stretch their support thin.

My prediction is that they will fall down the rankings but will still have a small more concentrated force, FLOAT

3. RedNeck Avengers

140 311 points (3rd)
81 (4th)
1 732 (2nd)

15 611 ABP (1st)
3 113 DBP (4th)
18 724 TBP (1st)​

This alliance has some famous faces like DR-DOOM and some really good stats but with a coalition formed against them they can't grow as fast which will probably send them down the rankings and surely after a little while they will see themselves at the top again.

My prediction is that they will slow their growth a bit and come back with a BOOM, SWIM

sorry i only had time for 3, its takes a long time


PANIC ATTACK I fear will not last long at all... It started of as an MRA and rushed into war alongside the coalition. PANIC ATTACK I hope will float due to some of our experienced players though it looks like a dangerous future.


Panic Attack seems to control the other alliances in their coalition...I think the other alliances in the coalition will get a bit lost after Panic Attack collapses...I hope so anyway!
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