Sink or Swim


Hey the idea of this is you say an alliance within the top 15 and say if they would sink or swim (Fail or Survive)

1. HACKER - Sink - This alliance is simply a large MRA. They have the lowest average in the top 15, no profile information whatsoever and the 2nd largest amount of members. They show no skill and have no hope of survival after BP ends. Oh also it is an unoriginal name in CAPS

2. SPARTANS - Sink - What is with people. This is the 2nd alliance of the top 3 that has an unoriginal name and a stupid use of CAPS. Anyway it is another large MRA with a high number of members and low average. This alliance may survive longer than HACKER because it has more members but it is inevitable for these guys to fail.

3. TW-Shadow - Swim - These guys look like they have a future here in Gonnos. High average points, small amount of players and not an overly common name. Their profile is the no-nonsense kind i like to read and they aren't making friends and playing grepohugs.

4. Log Horizon - Sink/Swim - Not sure about these guys. They have a pretty good average points but nothing special, not too many members but nothing on the profile. The name seems original too.

5. Lost Empire - Swim - A growing alliance with an original name, good no-nonsense profile, and good average. I think these like TQ-Shadow and maybe Log Horizon will be sticking around for awhile.

If you like the idea or agree with what I say give me some rep and if you have different views on any alliances post it and keep the forums active


tw-shadow is and old name if you know your grepo history

i played and i'am Friends with the original guys from alpha they were damn good players. i don't recognize any names from them from alpha unless there under different names, but there point totals are pretty good only time will tell if they are for real or not


Don't forget the alliance cap is 200 and if any alliance can grow to that big...they will probably survive



1) Spartans - Sink
The reason is simple, they are MRA
2) Black knight - Swim/Sink
They started kinda good, but they got carried away and they sound like another MRA
3) Hacker - Sink
Nothing to say, this is an alliance of elite noobs
4) TW-Shadow - Sink or Swim
Can not really comment on this alliance because i am in :D
5) Lost empire - Swim
They look like an alliance that is taking his time to analyze the players and take the good ones. They will survive and keep going.
6) Alliance 55 - Sink
what a name. I think they will grow on 55 and die it there.

P.S. i am an old player of TW-Shadow. i was playing with them, even when both of the founder left, our guys managed to get the alliance back and i left before the world wonders. So, i want to bring my old alliance back and win this world.


Sink because of their name and they are an MRA

Black Knights:
Sink. MRA even though it says recruitment is closed they already have 57 members.

Sink. Low average

TW Shadow:
Swim. Highest Average, this alliances looks like they know what they are doing :)

Lost Empire:
Float. I am not sure about these guys, they have the second highest average though.


sink to many in-actives and just look so easy to take out.

Black Knights:
my alliance i will not say anything :)

Sink. low average points and a lot of in actives

TW Shadow:
Swim. the most average points good looking alliance

Lost Empire:
swim second best average points and look good :)


Well, with a massive cap of 250 players per alliance, it is too early to predict which alliance to rise and/ or sink. :D


the 'sink or swim' is precisely for that. early on, where you base it pretty much on nothing. no technicalities attached, purely for fun and the up keeping of forum activity.

Much later on, we get on to the boring detailed stuff.


Leading massive alliance numbering up to 250 numbers or less is an Herculian tasks. However, if the alliance activities are manage wisely by numerous leaders along the way and able to survive until world wonder era is a strong potential contender for a crown.


Hardly is it ever done, on a wide alliance cap setting, a significantly small (when compared to other alliances on top 10) strong elite alliance can only go so far. Per say, the top alliance holds 80 players on a 300 cap, they are aggressive and dominant. Then you have the alliances below them, with 150 members plus, they see the top dog and go for them. Feeling the pressure and blatantly outnumbered. The top alliance may then consider merging or bringing in a few of their pact members (I say pact, but they'll only probably have one or none). The additional players can be beneficial just as much as they can be detrimental. Misguided directions, players leaving (a common or rather predetermined occurrence), internal squabbling and so forth. They all add to the pressure. Have I seen it happen, yep. Only once in Farsala, the alliance was top notch, it held all the top spots for everything; player; DBP; ABP; everything. I was in it, and I was bored, because they worked too well, they dominated the core oceans, and it wasn't no where near WW stage yet. You can guess how stale the game became. But they were and still are legends of Grepo. The alliance was called Paraclete.


SPARTANS-Sink noob leader
The Power of Peace-Sink to spread out.
Black Knights-Float for now they are spread out a little.
INFECTIOUS-Sink noob leader.
Lost Empire-Swim.
In Kontrol-No comment
TW-Shadow-Float for now.
Black Flag-Swim good looking alliance.
The Ravens-Sink will probably join another alliance


SPARTANS: Sink, just look at their profile, threats and boasts don't make you any good. Too many noobs in the alliance.

The Power of Peace: Sink, just look at the name, 'peace' doesn't sound very aggresive. Also too many noobs.

Black Knights: No comment the alliance I am currently in.

INFECTIOUS: Float/Sink, Faiszarn the leader seems pretty good. But there seems to be quite a lot of noobs aswell.

Lost Empire: Swim, unless they mess with the wrong alliance. Good average and ABP.

The ottomans: Sink, look at the name, no cap on the 'o'. I reckon all of them are noobs, just look at their alliance profile, 'join our alliance'=noobs.

Reborn: Sink/Float, instincts tell me this. MRA, too spread out.

The Ravens: Sink/Float, they seem ok, except for the fact that they are pacted with SPARTANS.

In Kontrol: Swim, directed in O46. Will just pick off small alliances down there. Original name, nice simple profile. Don't show pact details.

TW-Shadow: Swim, nice average, nice ABP, good experienced players. Except you guys use too much gold which kind of ruins the game.

Black Flag: Swim, You guys won a world, so nice experienced players. Although the same alliance with the same leaders got annihilated in Dymes and you had to restart in the rim. Quite good with ABP and not an MRA.

HACKER: Sink, you don't even have a profile yet. Mostly noobs. Already specified as an easy target by many alliances. Pacted with SPARTANS.


I love how SPARTANS have a ton of grammatical errors in their info and to top it off, it says they don't do mass recruiting.


Here is honest review:
SPARTANS: MRA, will sink eventually
The powere of peace: will sink, just look at the players only few decent players
The ottomans: MRA HUGE FAIL sink just look at the noobs
In Kontrol: Swim
Infectious: Float/sink| UNSURE as they do not look like the original but may as well be, only time will tell
Lost Empire: Probably float
The Ravens: Unsure
Hells Legion: Sink
Iron Born: Sink
TW-SHADOW: will swim like a fish
Black Flag: Maybe


1 SPARTANS - looking to be like another Mra sink
2 The Power of Peace - bad average points sounds like another mra sink
3 Black Knights - my alliance no comments
4 The ottomans - worst average points sink
5 In Kontrol - seem to have decent payers swim
6 INFECTIOUs - sink another mra
7 The Ravens - looks decent swim
8 Lost Empire - look orginized swim
9 Hells Legion sink bad avrage points Sink
10 TW-Shadow - good players and very experianced i could even go as far to say they might win this world swim of course


Purple hornet how come you think its highly unlikely they wont win the world, I am not saying they will I'm just very curios on your opinion