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true that, but after the school year is out he may be with me. right now he is 200 miles away with his mom. He wanted to check out the game so he started one. I doubt he comes back though.


1. Acid reign: swim they look okay and have some gold users.
2.MRA sorry I meant Zero tolerance: These guys won't be on the list in a few days.
3. Morning glory: sink they look a bit weak and some decent alliance will crush them
4. see 2.MRA
5.Swim good average points and made 5 with only 42
6.The lone wolf: Float strong but already have acdademy.
7. Tequilla Mockingbird: float good points
everyone below are unintresting.
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uninteresting is the place to be , also known as flying under the radar

lots of small bands of good players about and who they eventualy end up with will determine the server. so the better leaders will be scoping all the uninteresting teams looking for talent and possible merges to gain more skilled players.


all I meant was is that right now they are not about to change the fate of the world. Don't take it as if I think that other alliances are not important. I just don't think we can tell how powerful they are.


im only messing lol I don't think ive ever done a top ten ever could not be botherd to write past the top 3 myself normaly


1.Acid Reign-Known my many names in previous worlds...most famous is dire wolves.They are a good team, with a good leader.They will be a force to reckon with.Almost all players are awesome.-Swim

2.Zero Tolerance-Most of the players are new to game, they will learn to play game slowly.Will not work this time...will disband in coming days.There are some good players in this alliance though, but i think they are not serious about playing in this world.-Sink

3.Morning Glory-Good players in here...but they are spread across 3 oceans....not a noob alliance, depends on how fast they react and make a base.-Float 1

5.The Lone Wolf-Some good players but their players are far from each other, very hard for them to survive-Sink

6.Impact-Good tight premade group who were planned a lot before entering this world.I will not be surprised if i see them at no. 2 spot in coming days-Swim

7.Tequila Mockingbird-They are good and are probabbly a premade group.Bad place for them to jump in then.We will see a war between them and acid reign as soon as bp is over, i think acid reign will win-Sink

8.The Brotherhood-Sink

9.The Hive-They are spread....will only act as different alliances food in coming days.-Sink

10.Painful Reality-They are a good group who came from phi.Most of players are big guys, but will sink if they don't learn to play as a team.Help each other and they are good.-Float.

will stop here....alliance which have ability to change the world in coming days:9th Legion,The Nazgul,Black Guardian and Grumpy Trolls.


*bump, lets get this going again since we have at least some facts to go off of


Harpoon and havok showing up some of the top 12 in abp at this point


Zero Tolerance ) An OK MRA.They already have an academy in the first day. Mainly based in 54. Top in ADBP. Float

fighters ) as soon as i joined i got invited. secondd in points but only eighth in ADBP. Have players everywhere but they are mainly in 54 Sink

Impact ) I recognize some good players. They are based in 44. third in ADBP. Good core island 175690. Swim

Acid Reign ) best average here so far, i do recognize some players but they are only 11th in ADBP. Mainly in 55. Swim

The Hive ) Never heard of them before. Never heard of their players. but good ADBP. Based in 54 Float

The Brotherhood ) Lowest average in the 12. and all alliances with brother and hood never work Sink

painful reality ) it is painful to see that they are in 55, are 4th in ADBP and have good players Swim

HARPOON)Good profile picture Swim

The Ottomans ) i will summarise this into one word: SINK

BLOOD CROWN) based everywhere but mainly in 54. Bad ADBP Sink

HELLS ANGELS ) Bad ADBP, Bad name, Good ocean float

Morning Glory) isnt that the name of a store ? ANd why Reborn from multiple worlds ? REborn ? as in Born again ? SO they failed in MULTIPLE worlds SINK SINK SINK


Tequila Mockinbird) If they can rise into the top 12 in 20 minutes while im doing my top 12 they are a swim

im now going to update it:

1 Acid Reign best average and best adbp swim

2 Zero Tolerance i cant believe they are still top 3 float

3 Morning Glory went up a lot but by recruiting but they have good bp float

4 - Zero Tolerance - see 2

5 Painful Reality also went up, they have a good position for the amout of members swim

6 The Hive sink

7 The Lone Wolf sink

8 Tequila Mockingbird sink

9 Impact good adbp but went down the rankings float


11 The Brotherhood sink

12 Never Walk Alonesink


Just cause an alliance moves down rankings doesn't mean it fill float,We're not looking at recruitment now hence the fall of rankings.


Alright, doing a new one! :D

1. Acid Reign - Swim
DUHHHHH, I don't mean to brag, but I called this one from the beginning (look at my old post)

2. Zero Tolerance - Sink
Embarrassingly getting owned by Impact, Blood Crown, and Zombie Ninjas at the moment. Wont last much longer

3. Painful Reality - Swim
This alliance is dominant. Look for them to take the number 1 or 2 spot in a week or two. I would LOVE to see these guys and acid reign go at it... it would be a great match up :D

4. Morning Glory - Float
These guys are in pretty good position, but I have no idea what they are doing in 54. I think they might be over if a bigger enemy decides to go to war with them.

Believe it or not, these guys are pretty coordinated. They're doing good at the moment and they have great allies.

6. Tequila Mockingbird - Float
I've heard they are aggressive, but I haven't seen it in this world yet somehow they are continuing to grow so something must be going right for them.

7. The Knights Who Say NI - ummm, what?
I have no idea what these guys are doing to do

8. The Hive - Sink
I'm sorry but this group has a bad leadership and therefore will go nowhere

9. Tidal Wave - Float?
I have no idea about these guys either... they just kind of appeared, unless they changed their name or something. I can't say anything about these guys because I know nothing about them O.O

10. -Zero Tolerance- - Sink
Same as Zero Tolerance

11. The Nazgul- Swim
Definitely my dark horse. Good ABP and a great average. These guys will move into 3rd-4th place within a month.

12. Dragons Legion - Sink
They're spread allll through 54 and a few in 44. Alliances will close in on them and they will eventually be overtaken.