Top 12 Sink or Swim


Impact A few days ago they were a sink for me but now,i dont know if he left or got kicked but Gregflint is out so-Swim

Never played this world, but how bad was this member to make the whole alliance bad? o_O


Not sure how he's bad but he decided to join IGB, my alliance, he's quiet so I'm not sure what he could've said or done to make the alliance bad.


Greg Is a very good player he has a bad attitude, but no one is perfect!!He wasn't kicked for doing anything wrong we just decided to part ways. He was far from our core so when the real fighting began getting him support and helping him out would be inconvenient and could leave our core open for attacks and easy city takes. It also makes it hard for him to support and help our alliance so it was best he found a more local alliance to be with.


Can I say....are we not reaching the stage where a sink or swim is not as useful because all top10 alliances will generally not fall from this stage so why not a general top12 alliance discussion?


there will always be sinks but those can be mocked in a general alliance discussion.
I ask for the shift because this thread is too focused on their survival whereas a general discussion can have some banter, mockery and other things this one can't


This is my boat, am i sinking? Or doing just fine floating on my pride?
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Here you go, enjoy the pics :D

1) Wrecking Crew- Swim

2) The Buccaneers- Swim

3) Slap- Float

4) Bones and Skulls- Float for now

5) Legion- Float

6) Phoenix Rising- Float

7) Scorpions- Sink

8) The Last Mohicans- Float for now.

9) Chameleon- Float but needs to improve.

10) The Saints- Sink

11) Beast Mode- Float but should improve.

12) The Dogs of War- Float


Where did I post that it was an original idea, can't find that anywhere in my previous post :D Also this was done because when there are people like you in the world forum that are constantly trolling, the conversations stop and the forum becomes dead. This is due to people wanting to avoid the trolls as they ruin the fun and waste others time. I am trying to keep the threads that still are relevant in the world active, if posting pictures is the way to spark conversation than that is how I will do it. This is not the first time in the history of the forum that there are pictures rather than words to help describe alliances, they were doing similar stuff to this back when I started 2 years ago. I don't really understand what the problem is, with all your "experience" this must be one of possibly hundreds of times you have seen a post like that :p
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There are only 3 threads with post from today, yet the forum is not dead. Other than the discussion we have had here, the recent PnP, and the Top 12 alliances of Pandosia thread, there has not been much posting here at all. Sure maybe one word posts every once in a while, which is spam. When I wake up I see 2-3 new posts, I used to see close to 20 when I woke up. Only 2 active threads, you can kind of exclude this one since other than me no one has done a sink or swim in quite a while. Even the milestone thread hasn't been posted in 2-3 days.

lol After you call me a copy cat (not a direct quote), you have nothing to say about anything else in my latest post other than "the forum is not dead" :D
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i consider a forum active when there is atleast 1 post every 30 min, which will NEVER happen here

The forums are boring because most people are still building up. Once everybody is CS ready, more wars will start and there will be more hatred to go around. That should make things more interesting.