Top 12 Sink & Swim Series


its because they completely demolished bloods in their previous world, pretty self explanatory and what gives them total rights to say whatever they want about bloods.
That’s fair, but they don’t need to come here to trash me, just because I’m playing one world with them…


OMG. Just because some of you rely on the Nazi practice of repeating a lie until you convince weak minded fools into it being true doesn't make it so.

The moment DOA decided to merge with Bloods server long enemies all agreements ended because the alliance DOA ended and became a new entity. What part of that is so difficult to understand?

This has been a common practice since the beginning of Grepo. If Evil wanted to do this right --- perhaps don''t mention Fans. What was sent to us was do this or we do that ... good negotiating (not)

Oh I was sorry to see your original name go --- the original name provided many laughs over here.


If bloods get one red city on an entire blue island they all start building def :eek::eek::eek:

That really sums up bloods....nuf said

Ro deschain

I don’t know about all the drama in the recent years, as I’m relatively new to the game. But it’s sad to see two Fiasco members randomly come here to trash me, but actually can’t find anything to say other than “You’re trash” and “Your team is trash” :)

You were one of the black knight trash players that were so happy to backstab us, spent a lot of time attacking me after I assumed I was safe around you guys. Luckily for me you guys were incompetent.

So yeah, you're trash and a certainly not one to be trusted ever. Thats why you'll fit in so well with bloods.