Top 12 Sink & Swim Series


One of the key parts of the NAP was that eventually, both sides would purge all cities in their oceans. Fiasco gives up 45 where we had, I think 50 cities at the time, and Bloods to give up 55, which I think it was like 30 or so cities. When our enemy fell apart we added people and we told them they would need to handoff their cities in 45 to you once they got set up in 55, which we told you, I believe we added about 30 cities, totally us at around 80 or so in o45. Then you demanded we let go of the cities, or trade 12k cities for 1200 pointers the people, you also recruited in our ocean, colonized. When we declined trades you canceled the NAP and op'd us, literally immediately. We then, again, tried to explain we needed time since we were fighting Victrix at the same time and needed to be able to relocate people and would hand off. We were told to essentially pound sand, we kept up our end of the bargain, and believe it or not two weeks is not enough time for new people to just move or and reset, we just needed some time.

It is not my fault that @Ruthie2 didn't have the patience to wait for people to relocate, which we also stated. Our intention was the same always, fight victrix, but we couldn't fight both at the same time, so we then pummeled you guys, took I think it was about 300 cities and secured our portion of o45, then prepped and fought victrix. If you don't like facts or the truth, which we saw from that chat you guys didn't, then don't come here making things up.

MR. Maxiiiiiiiim


People talk and talk and talk about fiasco this fiasco that but one thing we have never done is broken our word to anyone.

If you're with us you're with us just like @NutsNBoltz had set a 14 day notice if the nap/pact was broken in EN115 and that nearly cost his alliance splitting into two but he did not budge.
Bloods talk a whole deal about honour this honour that but they have always stabbed people in the back and to be frankly honest with you we destroyed bloods and its something i would love to do again.

Atleast after this world everyone knows your word means nothing and there wont ever be a world again where you can play the diplomatic card again and thats literally all bloods had going for themselves as they have no team play and their players suck at actually taking city's.

As far as i recall bloods OPs consisted of taking revolting 2-3 city's and then getting the whole alliance to send the whole armada to then pointlessly sink and do it again a week later.

Im happy people called your leaders out and forced you to break your word because never have i ever worked with an alliance that was so much hassle and distrusting as bloods was.

Can testify they didn't upgrade their op strategy in 133, damn bp booster for this goldercheater of @Hammerhead1