Top 12 Sink & Swim Series


I wanted to take a quick minute to congratulate those who follow Ruthie, batman, timur and other bloods leadership on another victorless, crownless world.

I've talked to some of you, you're good people, you try, and you can improve. we all can. I'd wish you all luck in finding new leaders, you deserve better than this for all the work you put in, and I truly am sorry for you all on the outcome.


what you mean?? Timur is the GOAT!!!!!
You really are an idiot ... GOAT in this case a GOAT ... there was a story that my daughter saw and she suggested the name. It is about a Goat named Timur that was to be feed to a Siberian Tiger at the Moscow zoo. However the goat and tiger became friends and lived together peacefully. Check on the internet.

Game names don't always mean what you think ... for instance Mole Man can be seen as a scared creature that hides from the world digging holes or a precancerous skin growth ... Nutzandboltz considering the character name refers to a man's genitals --- kind of strange thing for a man to focus on but considering that he calls his alliances Fiasco United just to have the initials FU says all you need to know about him. He most likely giggles at the mention of the planet Uranus.

Since this will be my last post in the forums let me add this ... to the fool who doesn't check his math a coin flipped the same side up the odds are in fact 51 49 as determined by a well know math professor from Stanford (I believe) so while I didn't explain the statement. To your other assertion on the math regarding Sirens ... the original post I made was probability. While you showed the math you failed to account for cats running over your keyboard, a phone call --- on grepo an incoming attack and other lifes headaches that would mess with the timing --- the truth is probability is not certainty ... if you think you have found a way to make a certain outcome occur with probability, please by all means create a math equation that shows with certainty a probable outcome then get Fiasco members to hoist you on their shoulders and march you to the residence of the King of Sweden and demand the Nobel Prize for Physics because you have solved one of the biggest problems in physics ... the causality issues between The Standard Model and Einstein's equation. Yep you are officially an idiot savant.

To those that think that a game is something where you win and can't do that gracefully and have to be insulting must be so pathetic in life that this is the only validation they have ... which is really sad. I would offer my congratulations on a winning outcome I refuse to do so because of the many poor winners you have.

If one thing I can say here, this is a game ... plain and simple. Most of the so called "smack talk" is just simply a means to mean insult people or bully by players who need some validation by being keyboard brave ... I suspect people like Mole Man would never at work, or any other social outing would lack of bravado ... hey maybe that is why he calls himself Mole Man a frighten creature that generally hides in real life social situations. ( See Mole Man names don't describe you as I'm sure you are much different in real life than what I just described you --- to be honest it is just as pathetic insult that you leveled at me) For me I can assure ever one I would say anything I would say here, right to your face.

Have a nice day folks
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