Newspaper Sinope Herald Issue 3


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Issue #3​
February 1, 2015​
On this issue:
Ocean Review
Fun Section

From Sweet To Bitter
The Fruit Loop Troop (FLT) disbanded this past Friday mainly due to the coalition formed against them. The support tab in their alliance forum was the most active one as players were been revolted night and day. At the end the pressure was too much that they couldn’t handle it and decided to go their separate ways some joining their former enemies and others their allies.


The Usual SuspectsvsThe Hammer

The FluffernuttersvsJust For Laughs


InfernovsFruit Loop Troop
Holy Mortis EmpirevsFruit Loop Troop
Ocean Review

Ocean 35
DOOM keeps growing strong in numbers and as long as they can keep control of ocean 35 they should be fine until stronger alliances decide to expand to the rim.

Ocean 36
RED BERETS joined the world a week and a half after it opened and are doing good so far. They are a group of experienced players so they are not to be taken lightly.

Ocean 44
Now that FLT is gone Holy Mortis Empire (HME) and IMMORTAL EMPIRE (IE) have been busy conquering internals. I wonder what alliance they are going to go after next.

Ocean 45
TUS control nearly one third of the cities on this ocean with no opposition whatsoever. My suggestion for you guys in ocean 45 is to gang up on them and destroy them sooner rather than later.

Ocean 46
The only alliance that stands out is DocsEliteScope (DES). The Gordian Knot and The Black Sea Pirates might be in for a surprise.

Ocean 53
Legion of Shadow is growing nicely and have started taking cities from Cosa Nostra.

Ocean 54
crimson Rebels currently have the most cities in the ocean but judging by the way they have been losing cities to LEGION OF DEATH they will not be a the top by next week. However, most of the cities conquered were in ocean 45 so we have yet to see anything good in this ocean. Most boring core ocean so far.

Ocean 55
Another heavily populated ocean with little action between alliances. There have been a few conquests among the top alliances but nothing special.

Ocean 56
A Verbis Ad Verbera has lost several cities in their ocean and if that trend continues they might not last long. Kingsgard should fall sometime soon as their losses are almost the same as their conquests. The Fluffernutters should have control of the ocean in the near future.

Ocean 57
They will not last.

Ocean 65
DALEK is now called Coming After, however it is not know if they are now an academy of Coming Soon or if they are playing around. Other than that this is another pretty boring ocean to be in.

Ocean 66
I predict Just For Laughs will disband within a week or two at the most.The real challenge for The Fluffernutters will come once they decide to move north.

Ocean 75
As long as Vehemence doesn’t mess with Divinity they should be okay.
Fun Section

Crossword Puzzle
First person to PM the correct answers gets a prize!

Pick a number from 1 to 20.
Winner will be announced in the next issue.
Good luck!

Last week’s winner: #11 FerociousPanda​
Thank you for reading this week's issue. Feel free to send me a PM if you have any suggestions or information you think would be a good addition to the paper. Funny attack reports and PMs are also welcome.


Good issue, it's a bit hard to read some of the purple names on the maps IMO.


nice read mate, is that the kill count for both inferno and inferno. ? also i think if you counted the cities that ghosted while in revolt, our total would have been even higher again


VERY GOOD READ! obviously took time to make and so well done!


another good issue would plus rep but will have to wait a while ...TUS eh? Didn't take long for the hammer to fall (i thank you all queen fans)
44/45 certainly has the potential for a bloodbath.


Nice paper C4!

You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to C4R105 again.

Also woohoo I won! :p

Archon of Corinth

Nice work C4. Have you thought of livestreaming? Yeah! Then you can interview someone famous like mungus ;)

Traznitu in Bikini

Yaa,nice work,good job and good luck for the future,
U must interview the leaders form thoose alliances to see what enemies have,what allies,maybe u get something,and make investigation for some culises games,to see how the war evolve and who trader who....
Ps: Excuse my bad english :)


1. This one...
2. Not the "farm".
3. Conquest (ofc)
4. War
5. The general?
6. Whipping
7. My 100k gold pool?
8. Earthquake
9. Yo mama? i kid catapults i guess.
10. The forum.